Cosplay storage Prop Box and Convention box (Ghostbusters)


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Years ago I found an older Craftsman tool box. Whatever tool was in it had long been gone but I suspect it is a tool case for a drill or impact gun.
My Ghostbusters cosplay has become more involved as I have added to my outfit over the years. I needed a way to store them in a visually interesting way. On a whim I started to put this box together to contain spare props to take to conventions. When kids or adults ask to take a picture with me I can open it and offer a handheld prop for them to hold for the picture. The smiles and elated squeals I got on the first outing with the kit was rewarding. It is ever evolving internally, and as I get stickers I ad them to the back of the box for a little playful fun.

Build info
Box: Craftsman brand
Paint: Rattle cans
Weathering: Acrylics and a few rough drops, kicks and scraping around my driveway to get the dents and scratches. They are aging well and I may still do a salt water wash to aid rusting before doing a final seal.
Stickers: I used leftover stickers from a Spirit Pack rebuild. I believe they came from an Etsy dealer names Moby Sign Co.
The rest came from a set of stickers a fan sent me for my b-day. More to come as it is used and abused.
I did ad two large GB logos on the sides, not pictured here.

Interior holdings: 2 PKE meters (One Spirit Halloween PKE and one Hasbro toy PKE)
Ecto Goggles (Spirit Halloween)
3D printed Spare C-valve)
3D printed Aztec Death whistle
A microscope slide box with a few acrylic molds spores and Fungus samples painted onto the slides.
A blank book I will be redrawing as my Tobin Spirit Guide (Thanks Mom for making me the blank art book)
I keep my belt, gloves and assorted smalls in the box when it is just being stored and I am not wearing all the gear. Otherwise I am carrying this around at conventions. (One so far, I dearly hope to go to more soon)

I know it's hardly a prop build that is a screen used thing. I was just hope by sharing it others may find a similar build in their future. I'd love to see some more of these type of prop storage builds.
I can say definitively that the weathering was inspired and learned by watching some Adam Savage Tested youtube builds. I still have a lot to learn on my own too, but this is a fine start.


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