Cosmos by Carl Sagan

Discussion in 'Entertainment and Movie Talk' started by rodneyfaile, Apr 8, 2012.

  1. rodneyfaile

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    Ive seen the entire documentary series several times. It never gets old. I could listen to Sagan talk about anything. It should be required in schools. It's available streaming on Netflix. If you haven't seen it, please do yourself a favor and check it out!
  2. BAK55

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    Wow, it's been awhile since I've thought of this show.

    Somewhere around here I have the Soundtrack LP and the DVD disks of the entire series.
  3. Mola Rob

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    I usually watch it every couple years or so. Sagan was a master at making science entertaining. Absolutely love the music as well.
  4. tgreco

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    Bought it on DVD a long while ago, and it's one of my favorite series for background noise while I'm working.

    Carl's cool voice that makes everything interesting, and the score by Vangelis, science, history ... could it be any better?
  5. CessnaDriver

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    All that and Sagan's spaceship of the imagination could beat the Falcon in the Kessel run.
  6. rodneyfaile

    rodneyfaile Sr Member

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    I honestly believe the world would be different if he lived longer.
  7. PotionMistress

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    It should be 'Required Viewing' in all schools!
  8. Colin Droidmilk

    Colin Droidmilk Sr Member

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    It quite possibly would've been a better one right now if the 'small blue dot' speech had for the last 30 years been drummed into the brains of the planet's children every morning before going to class. Wouldn't have done any harm to have had the world's politicians forced to recite it daily either.
  9. aeonpulse

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    Carl Sagan is a personal hero of mine. I used to watch all of Cosmos at least once a year back when I still had my copy on VHS. I was thrilled when I found out it was available on Netflix. Totally worth watching every episode.
  10. rodneyfaile

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    I know the new Cosmos with Neil DeGrasse Tyson is all the rage right now, but the original Cosmos with Carl Sagan is $42.99 on DVD over at Amazon this week, normally around $89.
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  11. reb1138

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    As much as I love Sagan, have to say deGrasse Tyson does a really good job with the new Cosmos. The original book itself I thought was a little too fact-based, with little to no of Sagan's own personality attached... anyway, found this clip a couple days back and thought it was real funny:

    Carson as Carl - YouTube
  12. Edwardowan

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    so far the new Cosmos is fantastic and deGrasse Tyson is a natural... I hadno idea about his child history with meeting Sagan... its like a real passing of the torch to have deGrasse Tyson hosting this new version. I'm hooked!
    and I agree with everyone.. Carl Sagan could read the phone book and make it interesting... if I could have dinner with anyone past or present it would have to be with Carl Sagan.
  13. rodneyfaile

    rodneyfaile Sr Member

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    From :

    Collections Deal of the Week: 57% Off Carl Sagan's Cosmos on DVD

    This week only, save big on Carl Sagan's original odyssey of the universe Cosmos in our Collections Deal of the Week. See what inspired today's Cosmos remake. Offer ends March 29, 2014.

    It's currently on backorder, but you can still reserve yourself a copy for $42.99

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