Cosmetic Cleanup Help?


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OK, I have been building a kid's size Cyberman costume for a few weeks now.

I was wondering if any of you out there have any good tips on filling in foam gaps at seems and how to get rid of ugly glue blobs?
What kind of glue? If it's hot glue, ugh. Try heating it and removing as much as you can without spreading it all over the place. If it's contact adhesive, you'll have to experiment with a solvent like acetone or lacquer thinner. And as for gaps...well, you could do a test on some by masking cleanly with tape on both sides of the gap/seam and try some silver or gray silicone caulking. The cybermen are silver, right? Just a thought anyway.
I use hot glue, so I normally either reheat/smooth the globs with the hot end of the glue gun OR I cut the globs down with cuticle scissors.

As far as filling in gaps... I use latex caulk. But then when I get it close I use Plasti-Dip (which fills in many of the small gaps perfectly). It also gives you a solid and even base coat (sort of a primer) for your final coat of paint.

As you play around with your pieces, if you find something better please let me know -- I always love finding an easier way to do stuff! :)
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