Construction Question - Hard Shell Case


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I am currently brainstorming concepts for a Star Wars/Star Trek control panel.

My goal is to have it encased in shell similar to 80’s-00’s era desktop computers. Similar to the attached photo.

I was hoping someone here could give me a few ideas how a shell like this is constructed? Is it achieved through vacuum forming or a mold and cast? Fiberglass? Or something else entirely?. Of course I will “fake” it any way possible. Something sturdy, not like delicate foam.

I appreciate any help I can get.

Btw, this is my first post on here. I’ve read the forums for many years and have learned a lot. Great to finally be on here!
If you examine the back side of these objects (or even plastic toys) you will see the rigidity and strength of these object come from "ribs" which project out from the "surface" in both the X and Y directions. Often where the ribs cross there will be a thicker web or rod of plastic. These cross points are excellent locations to place "holes" if you need to attach other elements with self-tapping screws. For stronger attachment points you can embed threaded metal inserts.
as far as replicating the case I think a good option would be 3D printing. That way you can get the design exactly how you like it, and print something sturdy. Another option could be searching for a more accurate pc case and then just using it how it is
Thank you all for the suggestions. I have a feeling I will be teaching myself some new skills getting this project done.

I am starting to think the computer from episode 2 of “Andor” will be a great source of inspiration for me.

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