Clone Trooper Foam Armor (Video and Free Templates)


Hello, everyone! I thought I should make a new post for this since I've been getting so many questions. I have made a video going over every piece of my clone trooper foam armor build. If you have not seen it yet, I am giving everyone some free pdf templates of the whole armor and a pepakura file for the helmet. Have fun!


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I'm confused on how to attach number 26 together
For that piece on the chest, you have to build the main "pec" section on the chest first by folding those flaps on the edges downward and gluing them in place. Next you would glue 26 to 26 at an outward angle. It is kinda hard to describe, but if you go to my chest video tutorial you can see a better angle of what it should look like. The top part of the chest should stick out over top of the bottom.


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Hi !

Thanks a lot for the patterns! Great job!

I just finished the helmet with paper, little problem, I can't put it on, it looks really small: /
Is there a way to upscale the helmet under pepakira or this operation must be done in print?


Hi !

Thanks a lot for the patterns! Great job!

I just finished the helmet with paper, little problem, I can't put it on, it looks really small: /
Is there a way to upscale the helmet under pepakira or this operation must be done in print?
There is a way to change the scale in Pepakura and you can even measure in it too. Up at the top of the screen, you can go to 2D menu, then Change Scale, then Set Scale to change the width and height. To measure, you can right click on the right side of the screen (with the pages) then you can choose "Measure distance between two points" this will let you click on 2 points on the 3D model and it will calculate the distance between them. Hope that helps. (y)


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Thanks for the template files, im an amatuer, never actually made a cosplay like this before
Getting there with the cosplay, it may not be super accurate but its definitely starting to look the part.

Before people say it these have literally been cut out and glued together, theres a lot more to do to smooth out the seam lines and make everything fit right. Let me know what you think

> Chest, Back and Pauldron base
> Right Shin
> Right Fore Arm
> Right Bicep Piece
> Right Shoulder
> Right Hand Protector

Left to do:
> Abdomin Section
> Belt
> DC-15 A Blaster Rifle
> DC-17 Blaster Pistol x2
> Blaster Holster x2
> Helmet
> Kama
> Shoe Covers
> Thigh Pieces
> Left hand side of the above


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Thank you so much for the templates. I had tons of fun making this and I learned new skills. Can't wait to do more!!!!


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It's been a year now. I gotta know. How well is this costume holding up? I.E. how much have you worn it? And how well did it do with movement?

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