1. haasofprops

    Boba Fett Carbine Blaster built with EVA Foam, PVC, & 3D Printed Greebles

    Hello Everyone! I'm new to RPF, but I have been a long-time viewer and admirer of everyone's work! I wanted to build Boba's EE-3 rifle which we got to see in The Mandalorian, and now we will get to see even more in The Book of Boba Fett. Here are photos of my process, and if you want to see...
  2. jyhash

    Questions about making templates of inside of mask

    Hey more talented prop builders! I have a"helmet" construction question someone here may be able to assist with. So I bought these "Iron Man"-esque face shields from Amazon as an extra barrier of protection for a plane flight we took over the summer. However, they never arrived in time, were...
  3. Ryzer117

    Clone Trooper Foam Armor (Video and Free Templates)

    Hello, everyone! I thought I should make a new post for this since I've been getting so many questions. I have made a video going over every piece of my clone trooper foam armor build. If you have not seen it yet, I am giving everyone some free pdf templates of the whole armor and a pepakura...
  4. surfjester20

    Need help scaling

    I am very new to cosplay and I am currently trying to scale my design so that I can print the appropriate size on a standard sheet of printer paper. I am having a lot of trouble doing this. Could anyone offer me any tips? I have a Windows PC operating system and use adobe for most of my print...
  5. behnt

    Free Templar - Crusader EVA helmet pattern!

    I am starting to release my plans / templates for free. I will be selling laser cut kits eventually but in the mean time download them and enjoy! Crusader Helm plans for FREE!