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  1. Star Wars - Lightsaber - Ahsoka - Clone Wars

    Star Wars - Lightsaber - Ahsoka - Clone Wars

  2. Star Wars - Lightsaber - Ahsoka - Clone Wars

    Star Wars - Lightsaber - Ahsoka - Clone Wars

  3. Star Wars - Lightsaber - Ahsoka - Clone Wars

    Star Wars - Lightsaber - Ahsoka - Clone Wars

  4. Star Wars - Lightsaber - Obiwan - Clone Wars

    Star Wars - Lightsaber - Obiwan - Clone Wars

  5. Jake Kassnoff

    R2 D2 EVA Foam Build

    White Linking Foam floor tiles saved so much time and paint on this build.
  6. Jake Kassnoff

    Clone Trooper Helmet

    Using white eva foam floor tiles:
  7. Jake Kassnoff

    Obi-wan Kenobi Armor

    As seen in Clone Wars:
  8. 1313armory

    Clone wars dc-17 blasters

    I’m new to this thread and have been an avid costume maker and prop maker I printed these blasters off a while ago and sent them up to my cousin to have them detailed, let me know what you guys think and if any buyers out there let me know
  9. JimStrunk

    Clone Drop Ship bench build

    I purchased two scrap/ salvaged Apache engine housings. I’m making two benches, one is a clone wars drop ship themed bench and the other (silver one) will be a Mandalorian Razor Crest themed bench. Still a work in progress but wanted to put up something on RPF as I have not shared any builds.
  10. mechx

    Limited Run Jawas Junkyard X PixelsToProps - The General Run

    Hello RPF! I've been working hard in the background and I'm excited to announce - The General. Based on the anime clone wars obi-wan hilt. Prototypes are in and we're happy and ready to go. The initial feedback has been great, so now the opportunity to preorder is open. - Fully machined...
  11. Jake Kassnoff

    Bad Batch Wrecker Helmet

  12. ChancellorsHand

    LAAT/C Gunship

    Here is my LAAT/C Gunship with AT-TE included! Got this 3D printed and a friend of mine painted it. Having this mode has always been a dream of mine because they didn’t come out with any models of this spectacular vehicle! So here it is, enjoy and let me know your thoughts!
  13. Jake Kassnoff

    Gungi Lightsaber (Wookie Jedi)

    Lots of whittling:
  14. Ryzer117

    Clone Trooper Foam Armor (Video and Free Templates)

    Hello, everyone! I thought I should make a new post for this since I've been getting so many questions. I have made a video going over every piece of my clone trooper foam armor build. If you have not seen it yet, I am giving everyone some free pdf templates of the whole armor and a pepakura...
  15. Jake Kassnoff

    Darksaber from The Mandalorian

    I figured out how to do the blade without LEDs:
  16. wulwhite

    Animated Nikto

    Hello Guys. I was so busy with the challenge of life (moving to another rent, moving my workshop several times,etc) and with my usual orders, that i was did not make any new sculpt for about 2 years. But, new year,new sculpt, so i like to show you my latest work, the animated Nikto inspired by...
  17. Jake Kassnoff

    Clone Wars Commando Droid

    Part 1:
  18. Jake Kassnoff

    Foam Mandalorian Helmet

  19. Ryzer117

    Clone Trooper Foam Full Armor (With Free Files)

    Hello everyone. I just wanted to share the Armor that I made and the foam files that I used to make my armor below. The files were heavily modified from the BSD Rex files that I found online. I would say the armor is 95% screen accurate to the TCW version of the clone trooper, so it is not...
  20. CodexofWisdom

    Republic Credit Ingots

    Hey, everyone. This is my first real post here, and I wanted to share my templates and models for the Republic Credits seen in The Clone Wars. I did see there was a credit thread from back in 2016 and another last June, but felt I have enough new to contribute that I'd post. So I took the...
  21. mechx


    Hi all! Here's my rendition of the Gungi saber :) it's been something I've been making for awhile. Check out some pictures, just thought I'd share it. Also the custom chassis I make for it too.