Chronicle Collectibles Buck Rogers Starfighter - Question


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Sealed? I can't even figure out why that's a thing. I've gotten, maybe, 10 things (of the ultra-rare variety) over the years on evilbay and always asked the seller to open it and verify before sending it. Always with the understanding the "sealed" doesn't mean nothin' to me, and that "sealed" should mean an understanding that it will be perfect when he/she opens it. Never had a problem, either. And I open my stuff before I leave the hobby shop. This doesn't help the OP with glue, but can't we have some understanding? The OP didn't keep it sealed up for 30+ years as a retirement investment. The intent was to open it and drool. Have the seller open it and drool and send proof. And, gosh, look into it if you don't know how easy it is shrink-wrap your own stuff and label it as sealed.
Mike Todd


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Just my opinion but as a collector's piece, those decals look "rough". Is it just me? The panel coloration is also wrong.


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Nope, kinda agree. First thing I would do is hit those markings with a base colored mist coat to tone em down. Or maybe complete repaint? Who knows? Regardless, I've loved that ship from when I first saw the TV show. Still have the drawings I made when I was around seven or eight.


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Maybe a weird question but what are the sizes for this fighter in different scales? For instance what are the dimensions of the old Monogram kit and is it 1/48 scale as most seem to agree it is? Reason I’m asking is that I saw a kit being offered but it doesn’t include the scale, only the dimensions.
Any thoughts on currently available kits? The vintage Monogram is super expensive and due to its age might be unreliable.

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