Casting material help!!


Hey all,

So I was planning on molding and roto casting the iron man helmet I built a couple years ago, and I was wondering what casting material you would suggest.

I was also hoping to find out if there was a material that could be roto cast on the inside of the finished helmet to make it stronger (I am tired to trying to fit fiberglass into all of those tiny angles).


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I wouldn't use fibreglass on the inside of the helmet , make up small batches of resin , use disposable brushes and 'paint' on thin layers, let the first dry completely , then start to add additional layers - alternating with a tissue paper layer , soaking it in resin, as you lay ( like fibreglassing ) , this will harden into a fairly strong surface , which you can build up to whatever thickness you want! You can sand it when finished and add a thin layer of foam 1mm thick or more to suit for padding and comfort .


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Smooth-On: Smooth Cast 300 series would probably be a safe bet for what you're working on. Take a look at their tech bulletins to find the exact material to use, 300, 305, 320,etc.


Thanks for the smooth-on reference. That is what I was looking for. However, for reinforcement, I recall seeing a post by Finhead a few years ago referring to a pourable ceramic material, but have been unable to find it in my searches. Am I just imagining things, or does somebody know what I am talking about?