Casting first attempts


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I'm wanting to build my way up to eventually doing a life-cast of my head and face. However, I know how dangerous it can be - I was a Firefighter for five or so years volunteer level but in an area that averaged twenty calls a month.

Regardless, I want to know where I can start to learn "how" so I can eventually work my way up to life-casting on myself and eventually others. My reason for wanting to do lifecasting is that I want to play with working and making scabs, scars, masks, etc. I also love the thought of being able to not have to gestimate too much on making armor for myself for other projects etc.

I love making props but I want to be able to cast my props so that I can make more props of the same style and modify them as well. I have a goal to someday open my own lazer tag field and I want to make and design my own marker systems for it. Any help would be greatly appreciated! Namely site, book, or video suggestions.
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