Captain America : TFA

I have been trying to get some good screen caps to recreate the Cap " I Want You," USO poster. Looks like I may have to wait until the Blu-ray comes out though....
I have been waiting for this for some time.

I have tried to get screen caps from my Bluray but am unable to. Not sure if it is protected in some way or if my computer sucks.

Looking at the move there are 5 areas for screen caps:

1. Obviously the opening menu
2. First time we see Rogers try and get in the army
3. Fight in alley is the best
4. Erskine looking at his file at the World Fair
5. End when Agent Carter is looking through his file

In 1. there is a typed list of ailments for Rogers. It seems to be on the back of this form, Order To Report For Induction. You can see this showing through the paper, it is backwards so that led me to believe it was the back of this form.


And here is my version:

I would like to get a good shot of the 4F card seen in the alley scene.

Thank you very much Bear. Those are the scenes I was speaking of. Excellent work. They are a little hard to read but I can get the general layout from these and the detailed text from my Bluray. Thank you for your effort, much appreciated.

It looks like the back of the form I did has questions on it wit the typed answers; Rogers ailments are listed here.

I can not pause the Main Menu screen. Is anyone able to grab a screen capture from this scren. I am namely looking at the paper with the human form and dental chart on it. Never saw anything like that before. Also the Stark SHIELD docs look cool.

Thanks for the help,
Those Stark Industries logos are pretty good, but they're still a little off. I should know, I have the original artwork...that I created for Marvel Studios.

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