Long Kiss Goodnight, The (1996)


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I saw this movie a couple of times, years ago (maybe 15+ years), and really loved it, especially the chemistry between Geena Davis and Samuel L. Jackson (I'm not a big fan of Davis, but in this movie I liked her performance). Recently I saw this movie again on TV and I said to myself that I had to do at least the postcard and any other paper prop visible enough to challenge me.

The post card is/was an actual, existing product made by Quantity Postcards (QP1021 Hello Monkeys - Quantity Postcards):
Image7.png Image14.png PostCard Back.png PostCard Front.png

The postcard is 150 x 100 mm. The front of the card was enhanced with Topaz Photo AI and I found a close enough font for the hello which I further modified to be as close as possible to the one seen in the movie. The back was fully recreated with close to accurate fonts.

Another prop is an existing book that was partially redressed to fit the movie's theme:
Image30.png Image31.png

The actual book used for the movie is Waldheim: The Missing Years by Robert Edwin Herszein, 1st edition, published in 1988 (I found a borrowable book on archive.org and I was able to take a couple of screenshots of the 1st pages and the covers - the photos of the actual book are from eBay):
s-l1600 (12).jpg s-l1600 (13).jpg s-l1600 (16).jpg

The text before the PRESS is not visible at all, so I added Scandinavian Press (all this due to a director's trademark (Renny Harlin being Finnish) seen on one of the phone booths that said Hell Sinki - info from IMDB)

The blue portion of the hard cover was redressed with a burgundy one. Here's my variant based on the screencaps:
Book Spine.png

The size of this is 240 x 92 mm.

The left page is an actual page from the book, while the one on the right was made specially for the movie. I added a heavy contrast to the pages to see what was on the other side(s) and I concluded that they reused the actual pages of the book, but slightly rearranged:
Image32_2.png 2nd Page.png Image31_2.png 3rd Page.png

It seems that the 1st 2 pages were inverted (the map was on the back of the page and not in front as in the movie version). The fake title page replaced the original one and the back page was remade with the same data (so it seems).
Book 1st Page.png Book 2nd Page.png Book 3rd Page.png Book 4th Page.png

Page 1 and 2 are printed on one sheet and page 3 and 4 on another sheet. The size of each sheet is 238 x 154 mm.

And here are my props of the postcard and the pages for a future book (?):
20240124_162750.jpg 20240124_162757.jpg 20240124_162805.jpg 20240124_162830.jpg 20240124_162837.jpg 20240124_162841.jpg 20240124_162851.jpg 20240124_162857.jpg 20240124_162901.jpg

I might do this one too:
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Very nice work! What's you're method for the handwriting? Are you cleaning it up through photoshop or AI means, or re-writing it by hand?
Very nice work! What's you're method for the handwriting? Are you cleaning it up through photoshop or AI means, or re-writing it by hand?

Thanks. If the photo/screencap is hi-res enough, I would go with increasing the contrast, then vectorizing the writing and correct any misshape; lately I did all the handwritten parts with a tool called Artistic Media (in CorelDRAW) where you can select lots of stroke types, then trace the text with a mouse, correct/re-align any rebel stroke and finally convert them to objects and fine tune the contour if needed.

As you can see in the stationary writing, the signature has mostly the same thickness, but on the crazy shape I fine tuned the line thickness to better match the pen's pressure effect.

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