Captain America Shield - The Winter Soldier


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Omg I just realized I missed your question. Many apologies!

I believe I used Tamiya's TS96 Pure Metallic Red and TS19 Metallic Blue rattlecans.
Out of curiosity, what Chinese seller was this? The base shield looks great and I’d love to have one to mod.


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The inspiration behind this paintwork is the promotional poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It features simply a heavily abused shield and the image has been stuck in my head for the following 7 years since the theatrical release.
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Eventually I decided I NEED to bring it into material form and get it out of my system.

Last year I attempted to acquire a raw shield from two of the leading metal shield makers in the US, but they refused to ship to Singapore. So I resorted to ordering one from a maker in Shenzhen, China and it was sufficiently acceptable as a canvas. It's made out of aluminium alloy and weighs 5kg!

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A great deal of masking was employed in varying stages to achieve the base colors and chipped paint effect.
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View attachment 1495348

To achieve the chipped red paint, I used tape to mask off the broad areas and refined the shapes with latex mask.
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This was followed by layers of weathering passes with water-based acrylics and oils. The end result is (I hope) a shield wielded by the leader of The Avengers and that has endured countless battles against nefarious foes.
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how did you get the slight colour change in the silver and what paint did you use

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