captain america shield

  1. texasironman

    Metal Captain America Shield

    Hello! I was a member on this site years and years ago when I built my Iron Man suit! However my account has sense then been lost. I am attending a con on the 17th of this month and I am looking for a metal Cap shield. I found some online, but all are from out of the US and I doubt would get...
  2. G

    Captain America: The First Avenger shield buckles

    In the MCU they use two different kinds of buckles for the Captain America shield. The buckles in The First Avenger, and buckles used in every other movie. I already found the screen accurate other buckles, but for the life of me I cannot find the First Avengers buckles. Attached are some images...
  3. JKRIB

    MCU Captain America Shield 1:1 Full Life Size Prop Replica Winter Soldier MARVEL

    Will consider offers FULL SIZE Captain America Shield! Material: Fiberglass shield with leather straps Weight: 6 pounds. Size: 24 inches Created by Art Funk. Limited Edition. No longer being made, to my knowledge. Accurate design - based on the Marvel movies aka Marvel Cinematic Universe...
  4. tennantlim

    Captain America Shield - The Winter Soldier

    The inspiration behind this paintwork is the promotional poster for Captain America: The Winter Soldier. It features simply a heavily abused shield and the image has been stuck in my head for the following 7 years since the theatrical release. Eventually I decided I NEED to bring it into...
  5. ssgsolomon


    Looking for a replica of Cap’s broken shield from the final battle in End Game. Mainly for display but would like the straps on the back to look authentic as well. Any suggestions or recommendations? Thanks!
  6. J

    Captain America USO shield replica

    Hey all! It’s been a very long time since I’ve been around the RPF but I thought y’all would appreciate this shield I made as a birthday gift for a friend: It’s constructed out of several sheets of 2mm plywood with a sheet of aluminum on the front to give it the metallic feel and heft. I...
  7. AgentOfShield

    Best Looking Captain America Shield for the Money

    Looks like China has upped their 3rd party ABS shield game once again. I previously purchased the one in the first pic below from a store on eBay and I loved how sturdy and accurate looking it was for the price. It is just over 22" in diameter but for me that's not an issue since I'm not 6ft...
  8. PinionPlus

    Referemces/ Dimensions on Captain America's Endgame Shield?

    Hi there! I'm attempting to gather as much reference and details related to cap's shield from endgame im referring to the pre and post damaged, im struggling to find any good reference, I'm looking to 3D model the shield. Also, I've searched for a generic dimension for the shield and I'm having...