Limited Run Captain America Gaiters


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Ok - So I have had some real interest in gaiters, and very little interest in more fo the belt / harness sets.

So..that being said I will be doing a run of 20 gaiter sets.

They will be made from 5 oz utility hide leather, with veg tan straps. Of course they will be hand sewn.

I will not start this run until the Belt Sets are complete (I expect 4-6 weeks total) and they should be pretty quick to make.

I will be charging $125 plus $15 shipping each (USD). Payment is up front and I accept PayPal, or e-mail transfers if you are in Canada.

If you are interested PM me and we can arrange invoicing.

If you want to see some of my other work you can jump onto this thread.

Again I am only making 20 and the list will fill up quickly. I would also be willing to make kits for a little less if you wanted to save a little money and do your own sewing.


FYI..Six of the twenty in this run are already ordered.

Correction 8/20 as of 8 AM today.
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This is what I built the belt from, and am building hte gaiters from. I have not seen any difference between this and the movie, except this is easir to get detail from.

2014-05-12 19.17.34-5.jpeggentle-giant-captain-america-winter-soldier-stealth-statue-002.jpggentle-giant-captain-america-winter-soldier-stealth-statue-003.jpggentle-giant-captain-america-winter-soldier-stealth-statue-005-600x938.jpg
Here are some more, in close up, maybe bigger images (?) of that 18" Gentle Giant statue. Just for whatever they're worth.

CA-TWS - Gentle Giant 18-IN statue - BOOTS.jpgCA-TWS - Gentle Giant 18-IN statue - front and side view BOOTS.jpgCA-TWS - Gentle Giant 18-IN statue - front view BOOTS.jpg

... and this blurry image of the back of the boots is the best I have.

CA-TWS - Gentle Giant 18-IN statue - BOOTS rear view but blurry.jpg
What holds these gaiters in place? What keeps them from riding up?

With other gaiters I've seen there's a strap under the foot just ahead of the heel. Like this.

Leather Gaiters by Epic Armory $275 - back.jpgBlack Leather Buckle Gaiters $27 pair.jpg

But I don't' see that on the movie gaiters.

Gentle Giant boot image - BIG.jpg

There's a little strap and buckle at the bottom, but it doesn't go under the boot.
The top two straps will be tight enough to keep them from riding. I will be making a mock up next week and go from there.
I picked up the leather, blue stain, and buckles today for the first ten. They will be done as soon as the second run of Cap harnesses and belts are done.
Plans drawn up. Making first set Monday, They'll be going to Darth Vulgar and Darth Gius along with their harnesses this week.
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