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After extensively researching the Captain America shield props I have taken to making my own replicas. These are as close as you are likely to get since the Marvel Masterworks collection. Intended to match the on-set hero shields as close as possible, and include details that many, if not all, shield makers miss:
  • Fully engraved star
  • Etching within the star with screen-accurate burrs
  • Anodized colored paint
  • Spun aluminum front
  • Rigid foam core with a hard resin shell and metallic finish, just like the on-set prop
  • Custom screen-accurate back design
  • Screen-accurate back orientation (rotated 20 degrees)
  • Screen-accurate screws
  • Screen-accurate buckles
  • Screen-accurate square U-bolts
  • Screen-accurate triglides
  • Screen-accurate, full-grain leather straps
  • 24” diameter
  • 3” height
  • Approximately 8.5 lbs
I make appearances suited up as Cap and people comment on how my shield looks and feels like it came right out of the movies. I have compared it to the EFX shields and they are nearly identical.

Commissions cost $1,500 + shipping.

Check out my Facebook page where I post details and process about these shields: Newman Assembles

Payment via PayPal.

Please feel free to contact for questions and details.


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