Can't find Tony Stark's sunglasses from Iron Man 3

HUGE SCORE!!! I found a local shop that had 4 pairs of the Dior Black Tie 137 807 53's brand new with tags i purchased 2 pairs they have 2 left if anyone is interested let me know and i will buy them for you they are selling them for $350 usd.


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So, I have to be bearer of bad news. I was the one who bought those Oliver People's Strathmore off ebay . Was looking right after Wolfshire posted which pair it was, I didn't want to be a poacher off of the information. They're nice in-hand, those pictures did throw me off with the yellow-ish tint to them but I feel like its just the lighting that reflects off of them. Its hard to photograph, but I did see a stock image as well that you can kind of see it in there as well. I do like them a lot though, I'm a bigger fan of the blue-ish lenses rather than the ones in that Endgame shot.
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What's the color code on this one?


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Sorry guys, I know I’m rehashing old news, but I’m thinking of getting the Spider-Man blue lenses soon so need advice! Can’t remember the silhouette frame I gota buy is Where did everyone go to get there’s and we’re they happy with them and screen accurate etc? And also I tend to fit a larger glass frame, so for example I’m a 57 in the Matsuda can companies create a lens to be a 57-62 kinda size if you wanted, as oppose to the 52 kinds size that rdj probably had with his tiny head??! Haha! Thanks