Tony Stark's shirt in Iron Man 3 poster?


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searched for hours cand find anything, some little resemblance maybe it was custom made for the film?
Most likely. I remember watching a video of Kevin Feige talking about the creation of the trenchcoat for Nick Fury and how it was custom made. Marvel/Disney has a whole "fashion design" division that creates these things.


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ive seen some compression shirts in my time, and after i saw that i was like.. ahh man this is gonna be hard.


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Dunno if it helps, but the lighter stripes look like retroreflective areas, which would probably make it a running or cycling compression top designed to be worn as a single layer rather than underarmor or a base layer.
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I've been looking at this shirt for quite some time.
I am gonna make soon as my other superhero T-shirt are done.
Hot toys got more detail of the shirt.

Using reflective material can be plus and minus.
This didn't lit up, so I don't think it is reflective.

One thing that puzzles me is the sleeve.
Is that 3/4 sleeve rolled back, or different material sewn together?


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A womens top, but getting closer...

In the first screen cap above, you can make out that in the centre of the back of the top, is an oval patch. I wonder if there is a logo in there that a higher res shot would bring out?

FWIW I think the top is a long sleeved top with the sleeves rolled back.

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I'm really liking IMIM2's look, i'll probably go with that. But just for the sake of discussion, has anybody thought of using a fabric dye and a stencil pattern to make the shoulder design and pattern? Anybody have any experience with that?

I would probably start with a shirt like this, because it's cheap and looks like the right fit for screen accuracy.

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