Can't find Tony Stark's sunglasses from Iron Man 3

They are very retro and perfect with the purple lenses

I picked up these Saint Laurent for £27 - with yellow tips.

And - I got my Copters back with their custom tints. It was quite a difficult match but I'm happy enough with the result


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Your Copters look great! Any advice on matching that tint?
Thanks man!

To be honest this was a second attempt.

The first attempt was too dark. I sent the optometrist the standard images we've all seen and she just kept creating samples until I was satisfied. Even then I had some trepidation when they arrived but I think she did a really good job.

She sends me images on a white surface, on a mannequin & held up to the light.

Some of the images online lean towards the blue and others towards the red/pink of the purple scale so it was quite a lengthy process to get the tint where I said "go for it"!

Patience was certainly a virtue on this occasion, but worth it.
So off topic but related... I am trying to get many of the Oliver Peoples TheSoloist collaborations. Usually they are very pricey. This is one of the other 2 shapes released with the square frame in the fourth series. They are not as big as you might think,20240528_193142.jpg a bit smaller fitting than the square. Very well made, of course, as I would expect for any of the Japanese Oliver Peoples frames. Model # S.0490, 45-23-140.
It is a small lens, somewhat compensated for by the thick acetate, which adds back visual bulk.
May be my #1 non-movie frame. They were just a bit ahead of their time, with that super thick sculpted look like would make JMM frames famous, but released 2 years before JMM was founded.
Thanks for the info, I didnt know when JMM was founded, prob in my top 10 as well in the RDJ frames. I like my frames like I like my women, THICK with a few curves haha

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