Can't find Tony Stark's sunglasses from Iron Man 3

I had a wrong color but super-cheap pair of OP Pressman show up ($20!!) and I thought it might be nice to do a comparison to a pair I thought of for a bit as a candidate for the ID, the GLCO Kinney M. UV400 showed conclusively however that the bronzy or copper color Pressman was the correct frame.

There are 3 versions of the Kinney, all acetate, all metal, and a combo frame. The M is the all metal.

First, both are well made and finished. The Pressman is Japanese-made titanium, the Kinney is steel and made in China, like all the GLCO. The Pressman is a 49-19 width, the Kinney is 52-21. This is a big enough difference that where the Pressman reads as eyeglasses, the Kinney is very much in cross-over territory. In construction design the Kinney follows the Pressman pretty closely, with the exception of the lens insertion.

The Pressman has a cut in the frame front's side and tension screws in the usual manner, while the Kinney has a solid front and a rim and screw setup welded to the back of the front.

While both have only a 3 barrel hinge, the Pressman thickens up considerably at the point of contact, lending a much more solid feel to the frame. The Kinney remains just the thickness of the sheet metal and the hinge machining stops the arms swinging out instead of the temple hitting the frame front.

Overall, while I wouldn't complain about the Kinney on it's own, the older OP frame is just a better tier product. Not only is it titanium, it's machined out of a sheet twice as thick as the steel of the Kinney. It's obviously made to take year after year of daily use. However if you have a larger head, the Kinney is definitely going to suit you better, and it has the plus of still being in production.

Pics from various angles follow:


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Huh, looks like Caddis Metamodernist Scout on Gwyneth too!


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What's going on with RDJ now? His value is synchronized with sunglasses and movies. Even in Japan, everyone is overreacting. I think he was just ecstatic.View attachment 1799386View attachment 1799388
The initial look wasn't great if I'm honest, the second image shows the truth of it, but as with all things social media and mainstream news the actual facts rarely get in the way of the truth or a good story
From collecting awards to receiving a reward (for intense bargain hunting)...Just arrived today, a pair of Oliver Peoples MP-2 with case and cloth for a crazy £25.00!!
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I've just finished putting in some custom lenses...

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I always thought maybe this was the "dune" color but difficult to tell without seeing the temple tips as the Lens color bleeds into the acetate. Regardless a great deal on a truly classic frame!
A while back the Mosley Tribes Lyndel was identified, probably in green, but I found 2 cheap black examples, 1 glossy, 1 matte. Interestingly they are not identical in multiple ways, indicating that even a short-lived brand like this had multiple generations of product, or possibly multiple factories contracted out. The matte has better hinges, more handwork smoothing the lines, and the dimensions are not quite the same. The gloss black is a 20 bridge, matte is 19 and the gloss is 2 or 3 mm wider overall. Lens shape seems just a bit different to me also. Both are polarized, but one is a pure grey, one is a greenish gray. No AR coating.


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Forgot to share this rare find Initium Eyewear Revolver in havana red/brown. Just need to get the brown lenses made. Also welcome back UV400!


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I wonder if batman had any notable pieces of eyewear throughout the various actors that played him. Another billionaire philanthropist after all.
I wonder if batman had any notable pieces of eyewear throughout the various actors that played him. Another billionaire philanthropist after all.
Bale had Raybans. I think Keaton might have had Oliver Peoples. I want to say O'malleys.

Edit: no, something rimless. But OP was ascendant in 89 so I'd look there first. And he had square sunglasses too.
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