Can anyone identify this grip? More accurate Bryar Pistol (Dark Forces 2 Jedi Knight)

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    I've been wanting to make or get hold of a Kyle Katarn's Bryar Pistol from the game Dark Forces 2: Jedi Knight for some time and recently have started sketching and researching it.

    I extracted the video cutscenes and got screenshots of everywhere the pistol was shown and lightened it up in photoshop to make it clearer and seem to have made an interesting discovery; The real prop doesn't look like we thought it did.

    I'd seen the picture of it from the Dark Horse graphic novels floating around the internet and had always dismissed it as an interpretation, but I'm now thinking that it's the actual prop:


    The shape of the grip along with the 'hammer' seems to match the holstered shot just below and a lot of other details line up too.

    What does everyone think? Is this based on a real world weapon or completely scratch built?
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