C-3PO costume *New PICS and Video*


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Originally posted by Trooper TK409@Mar 28 2006, 09:09 PM
New photos taken last night. I still need to update a few things. Those are listed below.


Video (sorry for the large file sizes)

Updates being done on my costume coming this week:
- New DP-style pelvis with longer legs and height.
- slight weathering all over
- adding hand pistons
- adding accurate neck piece
- making a more accurate belly wire layout
- installing a voice mic and speaker

Let me know what you think, or if you have any questions, criticism.

MAN THATS A NICE COSTUME. :thumbsup :thumbsup


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You gotta tell me... it must feel claustrophobic in there. I thought about doing this costume (because I'm thin enough), but the fact that I can't remove my own helmet/face mask kinda freaks me out.


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that's flippin' fantastic, Chris. It looked great in Alexandria, but now, you've got legs. Marvelous.


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His is painted. I start getting all giggly thinking about how cool this would be to wear to a con and then I start thinking, ok I'm gonna need a handler to be with me at all times. I won't be able to get in or out of the suit by myself. I won't be able to eat or drink without assistance once the suit is on. I won't be able to see well at all, so stairs and whatnot are out. I'd probably kill myself if I ever fell down. I can see where he'd work in relatively controlled conditions. However, it'd look darned good on a mannequin in my bonus room when I wasn't wearing it. :)


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insanely crazy...
now imagine if somone made a robotic piece inside that moves and talk like that without a human wearing a costume. that would be awesome

Trooper TK409

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Thanks guys. Anthony Daniels is 5'9" (no idea his weight), I'm 5'10" 155lbs. The shorts were from my unaltered, original Disney suit so I had to cut them all down to fit my legs through - which makes them ride lower - causing the larger space in the ab section. I have another one that should fit better.

I thought I'd be claustrophobic, but I'm not - the feeling is diminished when you look in the mirror (through the tiny eyes) because it looks so cool to me and I forget what it feels like. I imagine if someone covered my eyes I'd feel extremely upset - like when Anthony Daniels said Salacious Crumb was pecking his eyes in ROTJ - he started having an anxiety attack and told them to remove the helmet saying, "Get it off. Get it off." - I can imagine that feeling now.

Walking is also, not too much trouble, but I wouldn't do a parade, and I have yet to try stairs. This is more of a flat floor, elevator-riding, standing for photos costume right now. I'll optimize it as time goes on and I get used to it.

Drinking? Easy. Who wouldn't want to hold a drink and straw for Threepio?? Eating? Just have a friend remove the helmet, and then slide off the arms.

I've found vacumetalizing or mirra chroming to be between $800 & around $1000. Metalizing can be done right over paint, so once I have enough, I'll chrome it. After some weathering, I'll be happy with the ESB-type finish seen here:

I will be at DragonCon, yes. so I'll see you guys there.
Any R2's need a "counterpart?" It would be awesome to have the 2 droids go around together.

Oh, and Turo, can I get a hand? :D