Building The ANH 5'Millennium Falcon


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Incredibly crisp construction technique and detailing every place the wandering eye looks.

Explanation as valuable to me as the not so often shown underside. Yes! The little experience hints you generously shared. Recognizable only to those who have fallen in love with the design. The sequal movie is as good as the first.


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Hey all!.
A bit more progress done!. Starboard side docking ring plated, the laser blast damage added & finally the whole thing attached to the model.
Still a few kit parts to add inside the detail plate & around the diameter of the DR.
Pretty cool to see this in place after all this time & looking forward to the portside DR in place!.



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Great work eagle 1. Layers upon layers of kit part detail is quite an art form all by its self. Then, again, so it the talent of CAD, printing & casting. Love the flak damage. Must have looked at a lot of tank armor damage pictures or played with black tip ammo.


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Hi Stu, I was wondering when we would get to see the docking rings. Looking fantastic!

The styrene card around the outer radial surface looks the part, but does seems very thin in comparison to the rest of the ship. Curious what thickness are you using here?



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Yes the plating around the docking rings is very thin styrene, same as the original miniature!.I used .25mm sheet. It looked right to me when looking at reference, anything thicker & it looked wrong to my eye.
I suspect the original modelers applied a continuous 'wrap' of this thin styrene around the ring & then cut out all the details, but I chose to add each panel individually matching a template. In hindsight I could have gone the 'wrap' route as well, but I guess both methods work equally as well.


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0.25mm looks right to me.
I think you have chosen the right way to tackle this. I can see some pieces are not as uniform or a bit rough which also adds that 'piece of junk' appeal. As with the gaps perhaps.

And in some way similar to much of the original plating, as described perfectly in your recent youtube of laying the 1.0mm armor plating.

Many thanks!


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A bit of a hail Mary call, and I know there are a lot of these are expensive and people have been collecting them, if someone is willing to cast maybe I can offset the cost of an original to someone. Some items I am looking for, like many here assembling the parts takes time, slowly slowly catchy monkey, I am not too fussy on recasting as there are some rare items that I have never seen for sale in all the five years I have been searching. If anyone can help out with any of these, I have a postal address in America and UK so you don't need to worry about EU import duties. Some examples of items I'm looking for. I haven't listed all the Stug parts but I can discuss if anyone is willing to cast any of them. I have a few original items I may be able trade.

bandai 115 German tank IV.jpg
Bandai 115 Hummel pit.jpg
Bandai 115 Hummel side.jpg
Bandai 115 Hummel Ywing.jpg
Bandai 115 Hummel.jpg
bandai 115 Stug MF Deck.jpg
bandai 115 Stug Rectenna.jpg
bandai 115 Stug.jpg
bandai 124 SHiden.jpg
LS Morgan 116 plus.jpg
Tamiya 148 lancaster.jpg


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Wow - coming along very nicely! Great progress. I love all the stages of a build like this - when the greeblies go on it's fun to see all the individual donor part colors, then the priming stage unifies it all, and then the actual painting and weathering stage makes it all come to life.



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Excellent video Stu!
I was lost for words for a while there! Simply awesome.

The armour plating looks great. As does the damage that you are laying down. I can understand your careful work up to the larger damage areas. They must be somewhat daunting to faithfully replicate at first. And thanks for pointing out the Ladder Chief beam. Hadn't noticed that one.

This video makes me realise just how important it is to layout the pits first to determine the heights and positions at which they sit relative to everything else. Absolute mammoth effort.

I was wondering, is the docking ring perfectly concentric, say as if it was machined, or is it slightly out of round?

And that aside, I was thinking it may have originally been the base of a paint mixing pot. It has a very slight ridge on the inside opening where the greeblies are which reminds me of the base of some plastic cups.

Maybe like say, the construction of an Escape Pod model, unless it was indeed a container of the Colonel's secret herbs and spices....I'duno?

Just spitballing here...

Reference pic showing ridge bellow.
Screen Shot 2021-10-28 at 11.55.02 am.png

Seriously looking forward to your next updates!

Best regards,


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eagle 1,
Thanks again for the superb photo’s & latest video. As the saying goes “a picture is worth a thousand words.” But, your video’s words are Falcon Explainations and challenge that wisdom. Really can be appreciated by those building this model. Also, I fully understand your cherishing of certain greeblies and skipping around the structure to keep focus & maximize lessons learned. My build will be entering the disc skin armoring stage before much longer. Your thread’s pictures are valuable so I do not deviate too much in the particular segments & notches. If and when I get to the kit part stage (need to live long and prosper), your thread & video will then become priceless for correct placement of details. Must say the multiple colors of the unpainted greeblies give me hope.

One other thought. The care and quality you and other “pioneers” have applied towards duplicating the original Falcon studio scale models is incredible.

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