BRRogers / Verity Cosplay / 7 Chambers - "MoM of All Heroes"

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Having all three options would be ideal IMO. As you guys are going the length of including the idealized grenade then idealized neck options would be ace.

Its hard because I would easily pay a little something extra to Lewis (7 Chambers pre order) to offset the additional cost of including all three neck options but then it gets into individualised orders which would get convoluted.

Just my 2c. Think the Bronze idea is nice as its never been offered before.


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This is just a test, or an example if you will.

Here’s my control box, copper rail with copper traces, and the custom soldermask mix.
lighting type, exposure , room color, and the finish on the metal plays a huge part on how these metals appear.
You’ll note, that depending on the lighting and camera exposure you can kind of see where all the ‘variants’ of color come from.



and lastly, a comparison of three copper cards.
Slothfurnace’ on the left.
the burnished test card I made in the middle,
And an untouched sample from the new card run.
This illustrates how burnished copper REALLY can reflect gold, if recently burnished.

I also realized I never really showed off my finished rail concept for the “
So there you go :p

And a ‘pseudo close’ comparison edit of the top-down photo of the original.
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I purchased the paint for ACE: Antique gold.... and after burnishing it a little bit it really is a great color

also did a bit of start-stop with the Disney 4K. Got another grab of the Yuma in the desert with less overblown lighting.
Just had to up the black level and saturation (matching the skiff color for reference)

Given this, it seems like the color was consistent... and the ACE paint really is a dead ringer. It has my seal of approval for sure.
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Almost forgot to post this in here too:

Very much a work in progress but I wanted to preview the FX Reveal board format we are adapting from the full static board. As you can see it’s a bit tighter on room. I’m going to continue to adjust the spacing and proportions of some of the elements to have a more natural balance and emphasis. I don’t want it to appear *stretched*. More to come. (And yes, I made it blurry! Can’t let you guys see *too* much yet)


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The little extras that you guys are putting into this run is amazing. And the fact that you haven't even revealed all the items included in the run makes this more intriguing.

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Hey folks! Stand by for a cool update regarding this MoMma, complete with PICS!! I'll be editing this post...

Okay, so, Bryan and Adam were gracious enough to allow me to print a couple prototypes from their models of this hilt. I printed one on the Photon, in regular grey resin, and the other on the Prusa MK2S, in PLA.

The model is beautiful. Even when looking at it on the monitor, it's easy to see how correct this thing is, and how right it "feels". I can't compliment them, or Dan (Anakin Starkiller) enough, for the effort and the work they collectively put into getting this thing right.

A few details have actually changed, since I finished these prototypes. Mostly in the pommel area (and I believe a bit at the emitter end, as well). I actually slightly modified the pommel end cap on the resin version (the one in the pics that does NOT have the arrows, or the tri-ring), by turning the diameter down a little less than .5mm. This gives a little more of a step up to the cubes, or "gear" section.

And actually, I had to do a little cleanup work on both printed hilts, so the small, round "divot", just below the emitter flange was unfortunately lost on both prototypes. I'd say, on average, the amount of material lost in diameter is no more than .3mm per side. And less cleanup was needed on the majority of the resin parts, as the surface finish out of the printer is cleaner and more crisp. Still, I'm learning with the Photon, and likely didn't print the parts in their optimum orientation. Some parts came out with the slightest amount of warpage, but I was able to fix that on the lathe.

Basically, I'm taking the long-winded route in saying that the machined aluminum parts will be even more beautiful than these prints (if that wasn't already obvious). Details will be more crisp, etc. One thing to note, is the bevel at the underside of the control box. It's a little more pronounced on the PLA version, since it was printed right side up on the plate, so for a better idea of what that will look like, refer closer to the resin print (again, the one with NO arrows in the control box, and NO tri-ring).

One of the reasons for printing these prototypes was to test the brilliant control box design. There's an outer box, with what will be a copper "canoe" or "sled" section that slips into the box, and over the "plungers" of the black buttons. The back side of the buttons have stems, or "plungers" that will make contact with the tactile switches, and the buttons are also spring-loaded against the outside of the box, to avoid phantom clicks, or presses. The canoe also locks the buttons in, once it's installed in the box. It's a really cool design, and it works great! It's really satisfying to push these buttons!

There are several other REALLY cool design features that I didn't mention, you'll have have to wait for those to be revealed!

You'll notice Bryan's newest custom circuit card in the PLA version, complete with "conformal coating" details at the edges! And in the resin version, I've fitted a Slothfurnace card. I'm including pics of the prototypes alongside an AS V2 "Builder's Kit", and my personal uber-modified old Rylo Hero, for comparison's sake.

It has certainly taken some getting-used-to, holding this hilt in front of my eyes! For all these years, the Hero prop has been made too small, in varying degrees, likely because folks had based measurements on the resin castings of the real prop, not taking shrinkage into account, or not taking ENOUGH shrinkage into account! Still, there are of course many beautiful iterations of this prop out there. But I feel that with this replica, Bryan (Brrogers) and Adam (Verity Cosplay) and 7 Chambers and Dan (Anakin Starkiller) have FINALLY made the MoM of all Heroes! I think it's safe to say that all you folks who weren't happy with the first "Ultimate" Hero, will be MORE than happy with this!

Thank you guys, for allowing me to help, and to be a small part of this project. I absolutely cannot wait to see this thing in metal!

I'll now shut it, and let the pics do the rest! Here's a link to the album. There's LOTS more pics, there.

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Hello everyone. This original post will get updated as official news comes out, however I wanted to create a placeholder thread so that discussion specifically about our physical run, designs, and updates can happen and not cloud the MoM research thread which is more general in nature and highlights everyone's hero prop efforts.

If you DO want to follow all of that in-depth research, that thread is here:

If anyone has noticed, 7 chambers has already eluded to some of the dates and progress on our run. So I wanted to create a thread to allow and foster discussion.

Key things to note:

1.) Original preorder owners of the "Ultimate Hero" by Phoenix Props / 7 Chambers will have the opportunity to trade their hilts in for a "MoM of All Heroes" kit FREE OF CHARGE. The sign up form for these trade ins will open on January 2nd, 2020.

2.) For new customers wanting a "MoM of All Heroes" kit, there will be NO pre-order. This eliminates any tied up funds and waiting for a hilt to ship and all the logistics, contacts and uneasiness that results from a paid pre-order process. When the kits are complete and ready to ship, they will become available in the store for purchase and will immediately be packed and shipped.

3.) This is an FX Kit, however, we are discussing a subsequent static run equivalent.

More details will follow when the prototype samples are complete, verified and photographed and we will at that point discuss what is included in the kit, timeline for full production (sooner than you might fear) and price point for new customers.

More to come, and may the Force be with you all.

Is there a rough estimate on price point for this?

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