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So I'm sitting here waiting on epoxy resin and Alumilite to show up and I can't stand it! It's holding up my 66 inch TOS Enterprise build darn it!

I was going through my electronic stash and found this nice blue anodized laser I got a few years back. You can aim this laser a half mile away and still see it on street signs, trees and objects. So I figured the beam would show up well in the dark. Hmmmm...

So I get out my old playmates phaser from the 90s (I have a few don't we all?) and in about 2 hours had it working. Lucky for me the laser was 3 volt and so was the voltage to the old incandescent light they used. A little soldiering and some hot glue and I was in business. I drilled pressed the emitter so the beam could have a straight shot out.

Nice thing about this laser is it can be focused to wide beam.

When I was in high school and TOS a new show I watched it and dreamed about how one day we would have real lasers and could put them in a phaser. Wow wouldn't that be neat. Blasé to you young guys born with a mouse in our hand but for this veteran of Star Trek (and I worked on the first movie) it was an old dream come true.

Now to get a good phaser or scratch one myself and put a laser in it that will, well, you know...;)

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