got bored ..made and orb

Discussion in 'Replica Props' started by jamiestarr319, May 13, 2015.

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    Instead of being a productive adult and working around the house, I decided we needed a Guardians of the Galaxy Infinity Stone Orb thingy in the house

    Two things to mention though, no planning was involved and I used stuff I already had handy.

    First thing I did was try to approximate look of orb by "drawing" the designs on the orb in hot glue, followed by a quick spray of black primer and a dry brush of silver
    Next I

    005.jpg top view of halves
    006.jpg bottom of halves

    007.jpg together
    008.jpg not purple
    009.jpg ohhh glowy glowy
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    The attachments aren't opening for me.
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    Crap,how about now???
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    lol yeah they work. looks good man. im digging the hot glue black/silver!! :thumbsup

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