Boba Fett 1313 Helmet (distressed Jango) in the works...

I would go with raised-above (not resting on the top pinstripe, but above):
Raised Killstripes.png
After a bit of deliberation... I've decided to go with classic stripe placement!

I decided on six kill stripes. Here it is masked up:

I used petroleum jelly again for the paint chipping effect, making sure to get on the edges of the piping... then spray paint on top:


The final result:


I started the distressing process by applying dark brown (raw umber) acrylic with a brush to all the recessed edges:





I also started building up layers of acrylic black along the bottom edges of the "metal" with a sponge as well as on some of the blue parts. I kept working shades of brown and black along the dome with sponge and brush, then wiping with a soft cloth to get different effects. Lastly, I added some lighter tan spots throughout the surface with a stiff brush, stippling for a more dirty look.

Here's the final beauty shot:

You can see the full resolution photo at imgur to see all the detail. This has quickly become one of my favorite helmets in my collection! Thanks to everyone for your input and encouragement.
Looks fantastic. I was really on the fence about using spaxtics or chrome nail powder. I'm going to use the powder.

Did you clear coat this after the final finish or is this without a clear topcoat.
Also, what color did you use for the dark blue please.

Thank you in advance. Great job as always
Thank you for bringing the powder to the table. Here's my Armorer and Mando helmets using powder and weathering with acrylics. I’m sold on this powder for sure and will use it on all my Mandalorian helmet builds
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Thanks guys! It was definitely a case of trusting the process.
I'm on my 3rd helmet now so I'm definitely becoming more comfortable with the process. I still get giddy each time I apply the first coat because it's unbelievable on how shiny and realistic this finish really is. I have been researching real metal look ever since I bought my Styrene R2 dome to go with my Styrene R2 ( almost 10 years ago). I was and still am a member at and every builder using styrene has tried almost everything from rub n buff to Spaz-tix chrome. I got a tip from a train guy that said use yellow under aluminum for the real metal look as well--not too bad but nothing like this powder. This is a must try for anyone still on the fence. It's so inexpensive and ships really fast. I bet you can even use a Brillo pad to get the swirls if you so choose to.
I’m working on my own 1313 cosplay right now. I ended up using duralumen over a black 2k clear coat, I can only hope that mine turns out half as nice as yours when I finish weathering. Excellent work as always!
The chrome powder gets permanently fixed to the paint and no clearcoat is required (I find that only dulls the shine).

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