Boba Fett 1313 Helmet (distressed Jango) in the works...

Indy Magnoli

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I just picked up this gorgeous Fett Pride helmet (thanks again Darth_Nickel ) and as I already have a few standard BF helmets, I thought of making a fully distressed 1313 helmet.


First thing to do is fill in the dent:


For the beskar look, I'm using the chrome nail polish powder method (see more on this method here: Mando Armorer Helmet refinished using Nail Polish Powder!)

I used a black gloss spray paint for the underlayer, then added the chrome powder, starting on the top dome:


The top edge made for a natural transition for painting, so I masked off the top with newspaper, spray painted and added the next layer of chrome powder:


All finished and ready for painting:


Stay tuned...

Kind regards,
Starting the painting... practicing on the ear piece.

Here it is after the chrome powder:


Next, I dabbed on some petroleum jelly on the spots I wanted to keep silver:


Spray painted some dark royal blue:


After the paint had completely dried, I wiped off the petroleum jelly with a soft cloth and voila!


I can't wait to get started on the helmet itself!
Starting the fun stuff... masking off for the light blue parts:


Adding the petroleum jelly (I did most with my fingers, but used a Q-tip to add some thinner "scratch" effects):


Lots of spraying:


Removed the masking:


Rubbed off the jelly, first with a cloth, then a toothbrush... and finally with my fingernail for extra scratchiness as the blue paint did a pretty good job of covering the jelly in some spots:


Close-up of the realistic chipped paint effect (SO much better than painting silver on top of a color):


Soon... the dark blue parts! :)
Some more work... first on to the ears. Masked off and jellied:


Sprayed with a darker blue and jelly removed:


Masking the mandibles:


Jellied and spray painted:


Masking removed. This is when I generally use a heat gun to speed up the drying of the paint. It's a little tricky as too much heat can actually cause the jelly to liquify and start running (which isn't terrible, but it can sometimes cause the paint to run) or worse... the paint can harden over the jelly and actually become difficult to remove.



Coming along!

Ok... looking for some feedback/ideas about adding the kill stripes. Should I try painting them over the pinstripes? Or should I place them higher on the helmet above the pinstripes? Should I just not add the kill stripes? The 1313 artwork does not have them, but I thought this might tie in better with being Boba's helmet and not just a heavily distressed Jango. I was just thinking 5-6 stripes. What do you guys think??
Here are a few ideas:


They all look better than I thought they would... and they'll tie in even better once I add the grungy distressing. So.. what do you guys think?

I'm leaning toward the small blocks. It's more of a subtle nod to the final kill stripes Boba would have.
Disagree: "Classic" does it for me. This is Boba making it his own helmet from his father's. I think it'd be more fitting with it being a used item like in reality if it had the kill stripes just added to the helmet without consideration for what's already there. Although, considering it already sits over the green color in the films, they'd more "realistically" be added after it was painted green.
Although, considering it already sits over the green color in the films, they'd more "realistically" be added after it was painted green.

I don't think that's a problem since canonically we know that Boba repaints his helmet at least twice (once to change from Jango to Boba colors, and the second to clean it up after Cobb Vanth had it). Heck, maybe painting the kill stripes on top of Jango's helmet is what first gives him the idea to do a full repaint.
Maybe if the pinstripes were heavily distressed I could see the classic working.

I'm thinking maybe only a few, or four, kill stripes in yellow. On the OT Boba helmets, they shift to orange, and being the 1313 Boba is in his early years, maybe he's not had many kills and the later orange stripes are added after the green repaint. That I can believe.

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