boba fett helmet

  1. Frogfreak

    3d printed Boba Fett helmet

    Hey guys. i'm about to start on a new project that i think you guys will like. i just recently Bought a 3d printer, and i've been working on a custom Boba Fett helmet. (Extremely loosely based from Rafalfett's Boba fett 3d model, not much remains of the original model however, but thank you...
  2. Jake Kassnoff

    Fennec Shand Helmet Build

  3. capcosplayfx

    My Screen Accurate Chapter 14 Boba Fett Costume

    After seeing Boba Fett’s return in The Mandalorian chapter 14, I immediately fell in love with its extremely beat up and weathered look, and took it up as my next big project. Three months later, the costume is complete. If y’all are interested in any part of the construction and paintwork, I...
  4. BM_BF_ESB_SIDE.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  5. BM_BF_ESB_FRONT2.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  6. BM_BF_ESB_FRONT1.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  7. BM_BF_ESB_34.jpg


    Boba Maker's ESB Fett helmet
  8. Frogfreak

    Boba fett helmet build and paint

    Hey guys not sure if it's a bit late, but i've been building my own Boba Fett helmet based on Amazing RafalFett's patterns! Slightly modifying as i was going though to accurize it a bit more. I've started bondo-ing it already, but still have a lot more sanding and filling to go... And i've also...
  9. Frogfreak

    Boba fett (Helmet) 3D sculpt. Any tips?

    Hey guys, been working on a boba fett helmet 3D sculpt the past few days and i'm wanting some opinions. it's still in somewhat early stages, but i wan't to know some opinions of some of you boba experts out there! Here are some pics as-is: Front: Left: Back: Right: And here's on just...