Bob the Alien (Giger inspired Alien)


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Thanks for the interest :)
I've been very busy else where I'm afraid.
I'm almost finished with the changes I'd already started & these changes WILL be the last changes I'll be making to Bob.
From here on I just need to finish a few small detail changes & then I can get finished with the remaining moulds & he'll be done.

Unfortunately there's a lot going on in my life at the moment & I haven't been able to devote the time to Bob. I don't see me getting him finished by the end of this year I'm afraid :(

I've put a lot of time & effort into Bob & I've received so much support from The RPF along the way, he WILL get finished as long as I'm physically able to do so :)

Thanks again :)


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Fingers crossed Leigh for everything,life can be full on and very demanding at times but we all will look forward to the final result when you are ready and happy :)))


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Thanks Leigh for sharing the latest news.
I hope your personal issues are not too bad and that you will be able to get out of this soon.
Sometimes it's tough and we can't focus the way we want on the passion and fun part of life.
Your work on Bob is awesome and I am sure the final will be out of this world!
Take care Leigh and if I can help with anything, just let me know.


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Good things need time. This is a nice hobby and sometimes more, for sure. But life is always more than that, so this is just normal and absolutely ok :)
Still curious about the finished one and still one of the greatest works here. Already legend ;)


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Leigh, it´s awesome to hear, Bob will get his final touch ups and even if it´s hard to imagine, that he can be improved any further. It´s a stunner piece full of passion towards Master Giger´s child and every moment of waiting is totally worth the while. I wish You all strength and stamina towards the finish line, and no one here is going away until we can dwell on it :D Cheers man and all the best.


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Looking at this thread again. Feeling a combination of lust and money burning a hole in my pocket.

Haha, hope you’re well Leigh.


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Time is the most precious currency. But we all know how much determination You have and the end result will be worth every nano-second of patience. Thumbs up Leigh!


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Thanks for the kind words :)

Been busy refining details on the tendons & where/how they mount :)
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