Bob the Alien (Giger inspired Alien)


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I am absolutely blown away. Every 1:1 alien head that is offered, I keep passing on. This is THE ONE! I cannot wait to own one of these! You have achieved what no one else has ever done except Giger himself! Bravo!!!!


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Saw this thread pop up on the list so checking for any progress....

Still looking amazing, you are probably at that "perfectionist syndrome" point where you are tweaking the tiniest parts, even though it looks amazing and complete. Are you going to cast these out?


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Sorry for the lack of updates :(

Other than a few set backs & other problems here at home johnnyhungus is on the money :)
Making more moulds is on a pause at the moment, I'm keeping busy by sorting out all those little bits that have been bothering me over time.
I've made some fairly significant changes & many minor changes, some of these changes will involve modifying the moulds I have & some new moulds will need to be made.
I have some more bits to finish up & I'll get some pics up :)

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I get the perfectionist urge every time I work on a project, which is why I never really finish anything. At one point you need to pull yourself away and be satisfied even if you can see things you still want to change. The reason I say this is because you can develop a kind of tunnel vision when working on something for so long that you may reach a point where you the changes you see you want to do actually ends up working against the sculpt. I've been through this point on most of my sculpts and I don't want to see you go down that route and end up being disappointed by the sculpt in the end.


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I agree with the above quote. You made a perfect bust so far Leigh. The dome needed a bit of update and re-work but the rest is absolutely stunning. I am sure you will go through it. Be reassured, you did a fantastic job so far!