Bob C's Pam Anderson


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Nose? What nose?

I'm no fan of hers but this is great. I like it better than the real thing. It has no history of sleaze.
It's so good the mods treat it as a real nude. It's just a statue. No different than ancient Greek stautes..[or is it a bust?]

When we were teenagers and heard about blow up dolls, this is what we saw in our minds eye. I guess that's what she turned herself into, on purpose.


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i saw it on you website, you are trully amazing. !!! i even used a picture of yours for a sketch. I would love to get into ur studio to take some pictures of your work. For some artwork.


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I'm actually glad they cut them off. That's the first time I've seen your website. All I have to say is WOW! It's all so freaking amazing!

What? 2006? WTH? Oh well... would have missed it otherwise.


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Re: Bob C's Pam Anderson

It's not wrong to want one... It's not wrong to want one... It's not wrong to want one...


- Gabe
Well, since this thread has already been necroposted, may I just point at the incredible irony and creepiness exhibited above?

Yes, "Gabe." It's wrong to want such things.. :lol Isn't she a little old for you anyways? :angel