Bob C's Pam Anderson


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I wait all day to get home to see this and no picture of her whole face.?..? And no boobalas? I gotta get out more.


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Originally posted by DL 44 Blaster@Jan 30 2006, 09:37 PM
You should send her pics to "realdoll" :lol  and see if they'd be willing to work up a deal on creating a "Pam" ;)


I'm in for 1 :D


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Absolutely beautiful.
You really captured her likeness Bobby. I cant wait to see this in person.
I know I know, you said there are no plans of an open mouth version.


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stunning....almost enough to switch me over to blondes :p

So I guess you don't need the other two? ;) Fed Ex 'em over here. :D




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Good compliments. However I got only one minor complaint. Go check out some
of the female nude paintings on the Zbrush forum. All comments are about the artistry of the work, not about the subject matter.
Ya, I know it's all in good fun, but this piece could've easily have been some star wars thing, or a monster, or James Bond, the quality would not be any less.
So my point is, it's not whether or not you like Pam Anderson, or any of that crap, it's supposed to be about the workmanship here. Makes me wanna sign up with a different name, get a blob of clay, and stick a carrot in for the nose, and say what do you think? common, give me your honest opinions. I bet I'd get more heartfelt responses, and encouragment than I've had here in the last two years.


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So, what do you think? is it anotomically correct?. A lot of sculptors do some nice faces, but fall short around the collarbone area. Does the collar bone look anotomically correct to you? If this sculpture is his third one, do you think that if he did a 5th, or a 10th, with a james bond likeness, or a truman capote, or pumpkinhead, or Obi-wan, that it would be any good? How does the placement of the eyes look?. Is there a natural separation in the lips? How about the skin coloration so far? Do you get a sense of a skeletel structure underneath the skin? Does anyone have a thought on an honest, heartfelt level? If I had posted this piece with a different name, completly different identity, would the responses have been the same? Would I get reams of encouragement, and heartfelt responses if with a different identity, I posted a picture of a so-so, or beginer level sculpture? Shall we try this?

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My reaction to first viewing the sculpt is the face and bust are very lifelike and an amazing likeness of Pam herself. Her face looks spot on, and chest is hard to make a comparison without the rest of her body to view it with.

The eyebrows I think need to be more lifelike, less 'painted on', but I think the rest of the head (ears, eyes, nose, etc..) look just like her. Pam is usually smiling and you captured a great intense look on her face, right out of Barb Wire.

Great sculpt.

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Incredible work. I've never wanted to hump a statue so bad in my life. :p (Hey, I said it, but you all were thinking it.)


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Doody, I see what you're getting at. It's hard for people to judge Bob's detail to anatomical correctness when there are other distracting features.

Given the opportunity to look at and judge her clavical or breasts (especially ones of those propprtions), where do you think we are going to look. Very few of us here are classically trained artists. We're (mostly) a bunch of guys that like to play with Star Wars toys (or other sci fi) and say things like "boobies".

I think a better way to go about this would be a sculpture of some nobody (and with this crowd, he'd be better off with a guy) and then ask us if he got the anatomical proportions correct. People get too caught up in the celebrity (and the boobies ;)).


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Originally posted by doody@Jan 30 2006, 09:19 PM
Note: I've not only seen more risque avatars, but I've seen far
more risque pics from Dragon Con.
Exactly. and most of those pictures would be considered no worse than a typical public beach. Cover your eyes children Pam Anderson's got breasts.


Hey, somebody post a pic of Michael Angelos "David"


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Bravo on the last few posts. The critiques show thought. Even if you are not classicaly trained (neither are we, we do this out of our homes/basements) your thoughts matter, you all have a lot of smarts goin on upstairs, let me see it.


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As a figure artist I would say that anatomically she looks good. I haven't compared the sculpture to the actual Pam, but proportionally the neck/collarbone look good. Very nice job.



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I think that the lips are spot on. I feel that there is an exceptional amount of attention to detail when it comes to the lipstick coloration which passes the lipline as she definately does. For me though, the thing that I most notice in relation to being as exact as you can get to the real Pam is the tip of her nose. She has a distinct Y shaped crease at the tip of her nose which on the sculpt is exact to the her as well. I like the fact that the sculpt has her in sort of a pouty bottom lip look which is one of her trade marks. The eyes and hair bring this one to life. I really have to say though that if this is Bobby C's third sculpt, it truly shows what talent he has trapped inside himself.
This sets the bar and raises it way above and beyond.