Bob C's Pam Anderson

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I've seen plenty of Pam Anderson and the likeness is uncanny.. The eyes and lips and overall structure are spot on for her present state ...unless she decides to "alter" herself again. ;)



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It's a nice sculpt and all, but the site of that woman grosses me out. It's not the body, it's what she does with it... And all those nasty diseases... :eek:

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I think the neck is the best part....sounds strange I know, and I am not being funny....many artists that do these types of work never get the neck right....they idealize it...make it too thick etc....the neck area has tons of personality on every human being and you did not take the easy way out but actually took the time to make it as accurate as the face....great job.

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Actually I think the brows are great because that is pretty much what Pam does- she paints them on. Really captures the essential features of her face quite well so it doesn't just look like her, it is her.


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Originally posted by Scarecrow@Jan 31 2006, 09:57 PM
It's a nice sculpt and all, but the site of that woman grosses me out. It's not the body, it's what she does with it... And all those nasty diseases...  :eek:
LOL...Someone was asking Artie Lange of Howard Stern fame what he would rather have, a huge plate of great pasta or a night with Pam Anderson. He chose Pam Anderson. Said something along the lines of "You can lose weight, but you can't lose hepatitis C".


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OK, I'll be the odd man out...

Now being REALLY nit picky and being a big Pam A. fan, I have to say I think the sculpt looks great but something's just a bit "off" about it to me. You can easily tell who it is, but with out knowing exactly how to put it, it's missing that "spark" that brings sculpts like this to life. To me, it's a combination of the eyes and mouth that throws it just SLIGHTY off. I wish I be more specific as to what it is, but I'm not sure how to explain it. Still, don't get me wrong, it's an AWESOME sculpt and far better than anything I could ever hope to do, but it's just my opinion. :)

-B89. :D


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Thanks again all. Yes Mantis, the neck I think looks pretty good too. Tough because so much mental energy goes into the face, and by that time usually your
so tired of the piece you just wanna git it over, but he dogged it out.
Beeb89, this still an "in progress" stage, so we'll see when it's all done. The "magic" is probaly what you're thinking of. Something that takes a piece beyond a good sculpture. Even at worst, for a third sculpt, I would be extatic.


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Originally posted by doody@Jan 31 2006, 10:44 AM
How about the skin coloration so far? Do you get a sense of a skeletel structure underneath the skin?
The skin is what struck me first. It's amazing. Your attention to details, particulary her flaws and variations in skin tone, is beautiful.


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Originally posted by doody@Feb 2 2006, 07:37 PM
check this out..  with latest changes.

WOW. Almost perfect. The only suggestion that I can see would have been to SLIGHTLY shorten the bridge of her nose, with a similarly slight lengthening of the philtrum, like so:

Keeping in mind that it's very possible that I don't know what the heck I'm talking about (even though I'm usually pretty observant). ;)


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I'm just floored that this is a 3rd sculpt. Nevermind the deadon likeness and
hint of personality built into the sculpt.


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Originally posted by Beeb89@Feb 1 2006, 09:59 PM
something's just a bit "off" about it to me.
great work .

i think what it comes down to is the nose is abit too long... kinda throws everything off and seems to lengthen the face between the lips and eyes...

just my worthless $0.02



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Not worthless. All points are well taken and good. Bob C. says thanks to all, he can't seem to log in. I can't log into ezyboard either. Forgot my password, then can't remember the answer to the secret question. oh well..

Thanks to all that posted. Stay tuned for the tumbler over at the rubberhood.


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man, that man has scary talent if this is his 3rd sculpture.

ive posted before, but im doing it again, that is a damned fine work of art. its nothing less than that. he took clay, and shaped it into something that looks like a freeze frame of pamela anderson.

sometimes it scares me the amount of talent i see running around this board.

just out of curiousity, how long did this take from start to the above "changed" pic?



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just checked this out...some pretty amazing sculpts..the white t-shirt is unusually acurate...btw i check out other stuff at the site...did the batman forever car drive? that was really cool


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The likeness is staggering to me. I might be convinced on the nose being just a little off as was already mentioned, but it is hardly noticable. Man oh man, is that a great piece.

I have to go take a cold shower now.


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I admire the level of detail you guys have put into your work. What floors me is that this is just his third sculpt. :eek The female likeness, with all it's subtleties, is very difficult to capture correctly in clay. I think he has done a fantastic job.
Could you post how you guys make your silicone pulls? Like what type of silicone and paints you use? Or if you have a link to a tutorial on how this is done?