Blastech E-11

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Never meant to be 100% screen accurate, just as close as I could get with whatever I found in my workshop. So, apart from about $2 worth of plastic pipe, this was all made from bits and bobs I had lying around. It was originally going to be a present for a mate who isn't anal enough to be bothered about the differences, but it's too good so I'm keeping it! Sorry Andy!






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Love builds that are "oh, it's just thrown together, from bits and bobs i've got lying around my workspace..." The ability of people to see random bits and pieces and create something like that never ceases to amaze me :D

...if I did that i'd end up with a coke can with a couple of pens stuck through it wrapped in a mortgage application...or maybe that'd just be due to my frustration at said mortgage application...


Member that a Super Soaker nozzle on the front barrel? The kind where you can select 4 different stream-settings?

I dig it, man! Good work!

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No, it is;

Barrel: 32mm pvc pipe

Nozzle: valve socket, disc of plasticard, brass tube (actually a .45 cartridge), four aln bolts

Sight: section cut from same material as stock, flathead driver bit

Front sling attachment: female part of a door bolt, ring from a handbag

Fins: not sure, I think was some sliding door track or something like that

Folding stock: aluminium bar for the arms, a section of that stuff with all the slits in you use for hanging shelves, cover from a set of gas torch reamers

Magazine: plastic box that originally held business cards I think. Housing is made from plasticard and the cap from a USB stick. Greebly behind is part of a cupboard door latch

Trigger is a coat hook, guard is steel strip

Grip is a plane handle, safety is a bit out of a clock

Sight: $2 shop monocular, plastic plumbing fitting (reducer I think), knurled plastic knob off something or other

Sight rail: aluminium bar stock, the handy z-brackets came from some bit of audio equipment I think. I could just as easily made the whole thing from bit of bar, but used the brackets because I had them.

Butt cap: plastic end cap meant for pvc pipe, berocca tube lid, and rear sling attachment same as front

Cocking lever: plasytic trigger from the mauser that I'm using for the DL-44

Greeblies at the rear of the barrel are two bits out of a clock, greeblies underneath are two useful bits I found with one flat surface, the other concave. I think they might have been from the same source as the z-brackets, possibly speaker brackets
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