Blade Runner Inspired Office Build: Deckard's Apartment

Love the updates :cool: :cool: (y) (y) :notworthy::notworthy: I see that the gun is on the piano, on its side(y) The RCA elevator control panel will be a very nice addition for sure. I believe that you're not out of the rabbit hole yet:p
Skoda Morser sculpture is an original ? I had heard that some replicas exist.
Great work and bravo for posting progressive shots of all steps
Yeah it’s an original.
Where did you hear that replicas exist? It was only identified a few weeks ago and we have only seen a few of them listed for auction/sale. I’d be interested to see pictures of a replica to see how close it is.
I was probably mistaken, or wishful thinking as usual. There are models of the Morser, but perhaps not that sculpture.
Ahh! Yes there are different scale models of the mortar. I'm pretty sure this specific bronze cast one mounted on marble has not been replicated. It was made by the same company that manufactured the actual mortar, Skoda Works, if I'm not mistaken.
Here's the plaque on the back side of it.
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Small updates to the piano display. I moved some things around and found a Japanese lacquer jewelry box that is the same size as the one on Deckard's piano that the Dazor lamp sits on. It doesn't have an accurate painting on front but it's the same style of box and will suffice as a stand-in until such time as a closer one can be identified/found.

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