Blade Runner Inspired Office Build: Deckard's Apartment

I'm at a place now where I was able to start moving things back in over the last couple of evenings. Next steps are the ceiling light fixture and the custom doors! (hopefully). And I'll be adding some new baseboards.

I bought a rug to add a bit of color since it's all beige and brown.

Deckard has a rug in his living room that is solid burnt orange, and there's an oriental rug in the hallway with a worn pattern on it. I thought this rug looked the part, featuring elements of both so I snagged it.


I'll be adding in more pieces as I unpack them, but here's where it is right now, with the difference between day and night time.


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Here's an insanely obscure piece! This was recently identified on the Prop Summit facebook group as a bronze model of a Škoda Model 1911 30.5 cm mortar. It's mounted on a big chunk of marble and is roughly 110 years old.
It's very heavy, and extremely rare. Out of all the strange and eclectic pieces found around Deckard's apartment, this one takes the cake. I would love to know the story about how this thing found its way onto Deckard's piano. As with many other props in the film, it moves around from scene to scene. It's sitting on his desk by the front window during the "100 baby spiders" scene and on a bookshelf in the background.


Wow, that extremely rare mortar piece is amazingo_Oo_O:cool::cool:(y)(y)lucky dog you!! If it was me; I would've put the gun on the piano (like in the movie;)) Eager to see the doors also!
I wanted to have something that looked 80's future for the light switches so I went with these glass touch panel dimmer switches. One controls the main ceiling light and the other controls the downlighting in the soffit.

I had the idea to incorporate the elevator control panel into this switch because of the black square glass design that was very similar to my switch panels.

I realize it doesn't make much sense for an elevator control panel to be in Deckard's apartment, but the design is just too cool so I'm taking a bit of liberty with it and retconning it as an intercom / phone / home automation / security system panel, because...why not?

The piece will be laser cut out of black and clear acrylic with some decals applied for the details. It will consist of a frame to go around the switch plates to clean up the rough edges where I had to cut out the tiles, the main panel, thin border piece, and clear buttons. I don't think I'll be wiring this up for lights. It'll just be a static decoration.

I found pictures of an old RCA intercom (I specifically searched for RCA brand since the RCA logo can be seen throughout the film) so I took from it to retcon the panel into an intercom.


And here's the progress of the control panel.

Now your just showing off….. lol. I mean every update gets better and better and cooler and cooler.
Whenever it bumps to the top I think “ no way he has added some cooler ,in universe, perfectly replicated stuff” then I click in and yep : exactly that. Even the liberty taken with the elevator control panel is perfect. EPIC
I may have a bit of a problem haha. My wife is like “seriously, you’re decorating your office with photos of random people?” (fun tip, I didn't notice that I captured a very similar reflection of my lamp in the frame glass until after I posted the photos. )

Side note, I need a good badge and wallet to go next to the blaster. Anyone? PropsToHistory? Wink wink.
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