Blade Runner Blaster Mod - .410 "Shorty" dual barrel shotgun


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is there a list? Or a way for me to know if I got on the list?
There's no official list yet, but I'll post one within the next days.

First of all I still want to get the color of the grips right.
I'm still waiting for the new golden yellow resin color that I ordered. hope it arrives tomorrow.
I've already tested a new orange in combination with mocca.
It's already better, but still not there yet.

As for everyone who is interested in the kit with the metal parts. Here are some new pictures of the newly milled parts, polished a bit.
IMG_20191016_210606.jpg IMG_20191016_210616.jpg IMG_20191016_210621.jpg IMG_20191016_210628.jpg
The rest of the parts will be resin printed parts.

BUT, I met someone who already cast aluminum and is willing to help me cast one entire prototype next year.

And since I had to wait for the new color, I used the molds for an experiment.
Once the kits are done, I'll maybe take some time to find a color scheme that might work with those grips,... though I think it'll be hard :lol:


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They look great and please remember to add me to your list. If you are looking to go with the blue grip look as a prototype and you can get the whole thing cast in aluminum then its screaming out to be a ghost version with all polished aluminum imho ;)


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So, I've taken the grips out of the molds today, and I have to say, I think the color is looking very good.
I don't know what you guys are saying, but I'm really happy with it.
IMG_20191020_185850.jpg IMG_20191020_185852.jpg IMG_20191020_185856.jpg IMG_20191020_185900.jpg IMG_20191020_185903.jpg

I just poured one more test with a bit more yellow, which I can check tomorrow.
Lets see which one turns out better. :)


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Any updates? This is too cool to let die!!!

Yup, progress was made during the holidays. ;)

I've almost finished 16 kits.
Before announcing any run, I wanted to make sure, that I can produce several kits first.

IMG_20200105_174625.jpg IMG_20200105_174633.jpg IMG_20200105_180940.jpg IMG_20200115_185147.jpg

I've also started a version with foldable barrel, where the main frame is laser cut acryl.

IMG_20200114_200041.jpg IMG_20200114_205934.jpg

And today, I made an instruction manual as well ;)


So things are looking up! :D


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I’ve been following this from the beginning, but forgive me if I forgot: will you offer any finished versions? :)

Probably Iconic

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What costs are you currently looking at? I would love one but I would need to know what kind of money we're talking about here. No matter how much it is this gun is more than worth it.

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