Unlimited Run Blade Runner 2049 Officer K JACKET/COAT by Magnoli Clothiers


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Ok. In the picture below, is this the regular faux shearling or the distressed one? I like that the faux fox fur seems to have a little length to it compared to the shearling which looks a little short. Maybe I'm misjudging. I'm not looking to get a jacket that is identical to the movie, but I liked the color and length of the shearling/fur in the movie. Is that an option when customizing the coat, to get it a little longer?


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Ive seen other jackets in forums but I dont think any compete with yours Magnoli, I'm 100% buying one off of you. But, I'm going to be patient to see if that (possible) custom colors update comes around. PRAYING AS WE SPEAK!


I'm very excited! I put in my order today after mulling it over for a couple of months. I took a lot of time to try and get the measurements as accurate as I could.

Indy, I tried to get the most accurate measurements for the jacket itself, but I also took measurements off of my body and saved those as a separate garment. Should I include those measurements separately in a follow up email, or are they visible to the person doing to the review of the order?

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warvanov if you'd like us to compare the two sets of measurements, best to send a follow-up e-mail so we can check.
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Just got mine this weekend and it is amazing! The quality of this garment is outstanding and if you're on the fence, get one! Only bummer is it came in 2 days after Chewbacchus so I had to wear my original Deckard trench coat again. Darn...

Also, the magnetic closures are very well executed. Really makes the jacket fall just right whether open or closed.

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Thanks! I've sent a message to vero (eBay's copyright policing department). It'll be taken down within a day or two. I found another auction where the seller photoshopped out our model's head. That was a bit more crafty, at least...


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I just got my Magnoli Masterpiece, Officer K Jacket!!!.... What can I say but AMAZING!!! I chose the Nubuck leather version. The fit and finish is great! It’s more reminiscent of the movie than the waxed cotton version, at least that’s what I feel. You can see how dark it looks in low light but, not over powering green in a brighter light. Truly a great Jacket! Hats off to you Indy!



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Wow it looks great! The magnets seem to be more prominent in that version than the waxed cotton ones. Or do you have some changes?