Best way to bend lenses?


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Hey guys, I recently got the Mcfarlane Spiderman lenses from TJack and was wondering what the safest and most effective way to bend them is?
I've been trying the hair dryer and although it's helped a little I can't quite get them to that point of being really pliable. What methods do you guys use for your lenses?


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I put them in the oven on a wooden chopping board and keep a constant watch on them. Once bent I put them under cold water immediately while I am holding the shape.


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i use a heat gun and i put 1 frame on my small 9 in" pan fryer. I make circular motions and heat it enough to make it malleable. I form it to TJack's faceshell to get the right curvature. I let it cool to form then heat in the spots needed.

Be sure to place the faceshell away from the heat gun, my first time i've gotten a faceshell, I ruined it by heating the lens ON the faceshell (shut up a noob mistake lol) ;) so the faceshell warped hahahah -_____- learned my lesson
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