Bardo's TASM 1 cosplay build (with pics!)


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Hey everyone! I've been a lurker on the forums for awhile now, but never really posted anything on here, nor really had a big project that I thought was worthy of making a thread on, however now that I'm finally doing a cosplay I've wanted to do for years now I think it's time I make my first proper post and thread!

Since about 2014 or so I've always wanted to cosplay The Amazing Spider-Man 1 costume, I always liked how unique it was compared to the usual classic suit, I looked up so many different methods and techniques for how to do it, but never really ended up doing it for a few reasons, that is until now....
First off is the pattern, the design I'll be using is from Renwick designs, it's accurate with its shading and textures, while having a wider chest (which is perfect for me since I have a wide chest lol)

I plan on fully puff painting this suit head to toe and hopefully have it done for my local comic con next year. So expect a bunch of progress pics on that!

Next off, web shooters, which are some I bought from shapeways from lightman, I already painted them and put them together I don't plan on putting watch gears onto them because I actually like the more simple design to them.

Next off the shoes, now as a lot of people here know the shoes are Asic dirt dog 3's which were discontinued even back when the movie came out, and originally I had two plans to tackle these first was buying a pair of shoes that visually looked similar, and the second was using amazing spider lab's replica, however, when I was looking for reference pics I found this:
IMG_0525 (1).png

These are a perfect 3d model of the soles, with the Asic logo and all! For this I'm going to ask my good friend Ted for help printing these, then I'll paint them.
Here's a link to them:

Now here's my favorite part considering how I lucked out on eBay for these :D
The lenses....
The lenses are the TASM1 sunglasses from 2012, now this was one of the three reasons I never really did this cosplay (the third being that I felt I had too big of a build for it) because I always wanted to replicate the sunglasses look from the movie and those were just TOO perfect!

It took almost a decade but I finally got lucky and found a pair on eBay! As someone who's wanted a pair of these for this cosplay for years it felt surreal actually having them and finally taking the first steps doing this suit!

Now that I had the sunglasses all I had to do after that was cut them with a Dremel tool and paint them! Which is what I spent last night doing! Again thanks to my pal Ted for the help here :)

Painting them was a real pain in the ass since it was hard to get the right blue, but after several mixes of blue, and black paints later, I had the lenses done!

And for a cool added touch I figured it'd be perfect to bring a replica backpack to carry around for the convention! For this I'm going to use Magnoli's Jansport replica bag.

For now the only things I have done are the lenses and the webshooters, but I'll try and stay active and update this thread often, as well as posting updates to my Instagram! I'm open to any advice from anyone who's done a TASM1 suit as well as I really want to get this suit right while making it my own thing as I've been wanting to do it for years!
I really enjoyed reading about your progress. I too am building a spider-man suit. Well, 2 actually. I'm doing a Tasm 2 suit and a suit of my spider-sona for funsies. Haven't started on them much though as I haven't had the time. Only things I have right now are masks and faceshells.
Awesome stuff & good luck to the both of you with your projects.
I love both suits since the Marc Webb franchise is my favorite
Good luck. Keep posting updates. One of my favorite spiderman suits by far. I did my own but yours i feel will turn out a lot better.

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