Batman V Superman - MOS costume pattern design - FREE PATTERN


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So I have seen a lot of the new batman costumes being created, so I have decided to design the new Superman design and offer the member of this forum the design for FREE.
Spoke to kenlandrum about working with me on this, and although he's a busy guy, if he has the time he may contribute to this thread.

There are a lot of tiny differences on this new design, but I do like the new look. Once the final design is finished I will get a test print done and see how it looks, and at that time I will give the file out to anyone who wants it. I may, once finished, also do a batman design and offer that up as well, but lets see how I get on with this design first.

Here's What I have so far:

Screenshot_4.png Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_24.png

I still have a lot of work to do on this, but if any of you have decent reference shots of the design, then feel free to jump in and post them. As soon as I have any updates then I will post them on here.
Thanks for looking.
Screenshot_5.png Screenshot_24.png
Pattern is now shaped to the contours of the muscles

Details of some areas
Screenshot_26.png Screenshot_23.png
upper and lower arm details back

For anyone wanting to create their own design here are a couple of files which may aid in that. The new emblem and the emblem writing:
Screenshot_5.png emblem.jpg?dl=0

Screenshot_23.png emblem writing.jpg?dl=0

Completed file now free to download, set to height of 6ft only:

This is my finished file and will not be changed and will leave on for as long as I can :)

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I'm not sure how much of it is due to seeing the costume displayed on a body rather than on a flat surface, but the chainmail texture didn't seem the same on this version. If I recall the pattern seemed to run less in horizontal lines and more as curved lines so that the overall pattern seemed to create diagonal lines pointing almost towards the belt. (Sorry I'm not really sure how to explain that better without diagrams).


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I haven't kept any shots of the superman suit thus far, but...

If you do decide to do the Batfleck suit afterward, I have compiled TONS of great shots and would definitely be up for helping you put together the MOST accurate print possible.
PM me, if you want to give it a shot. :thumbsup
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Chain mail looks the same to me. Some shots show it almost flowing over the muscles, which I may do yet, but we will see.

And Hamordude, feel free to send me those shots mate by all means :)


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It does indeed follow the curves of the muscles in some places, unlike the original MOS suit. You can see it more prominently on the chest where it makes a slight inverted V :
Also has kryptonian writings on the shoulders :
Hope it helps. You can find a lot more reference pics here :


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Thanks for that teragon! I saw the writing on the gauntlet areas but never knew the arms had writing as well :) Good call.


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The chain mail is actually not quite the same. It's not as dense as in MOS, among other differences such as the Kryptonian script. 1440253054-mesh-comparison.jpg

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