Spiderman Suit Fit Help!


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Hi all! first time posting here. I'm preparing my first ever cosplay (scarlet spider) and am very excited!
I received a custom fit scarlet spider suit from printcostume 2 days ago and I’m having trouble figuring out a solution to the fitting problem I’m having. I opted for a straight zipper up the back, and am finding that there is a gap between the suit and my lower back. It also gives me a pretty hardcore wedgie and pulls on my neck, especially if I try to sit down with my back straight. Is this due to the zipper holding vertical tension, or could it be that the torso length of the suit is too short for me? I’m wondering if this is something I can take to a tailor to resolve, or if I can ask Printcostume for an exchange since they only take overall height and not separate torso and leg lengths?
Any help is appreciated!!
I had a similar issue with a print costume suit and they replaced it for me. My issue was the neck wasn’t long enough so the fabric stood away from my neck. Took loads of photos and sent them over. Hope you get it resolved.

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