spiderman cosplay

  1. J

    Durability of RPCPaint/Puffy Paint - Driving Question

    Hello! Does anyone have experience with the durability of RPCPaint/Puffy painted suits? I recently got a Homecoming suit but am concerned about the durability of the puff paint. Specifically it's kind of a hassle to get in and out of the suit so I was wondering if it would be ok to drive while...
  2. SuperheroDIY

    Marvel Spider-Man Homecoming RPCStudio RPCPaint Full costume

    I am ready to pass on my RPC Studio Spider-Man Homecoming full costume (with RPCPaint). This suit is practically brand-new. Worn only twice, to see if it fit -- and it does not! So, making available to someone else who it might look great on. Asking $900 $799 shipped in the continental US...