the amazing spider-man

  1. Indy Magnoli

    Interest TASM: Jansport-style Slacker Backpack by Magnoli Clothiers

    A customer asked if we could do a run of these "slacker" backpacks from The Amazing Spider-Man. So... what kind of interest would there be in these? We thought of offering them with or without the extra tan straps across the back. Let us know if you'd be interested and which version you'd...
  2. NuadaDesigns

    TASM Web Shooters

    I know these have been done to death and there are loads of variations replicated out there, but here is my newest revisit to the The Amazing Spider Man, incognito and suit Web shooters. Just reprinted the watch frame with the accurate numbers. I'll be making the leather straps this weekend also.
  3. Peter Parke 67

    Need help making a tasm 2 suit replica

    Hi, I am making my very first cosplay so I don't really have any experience at this point. I chose the amazing spider-man 2 suit to make a perfect replica of but I don't know where to start. I've seen a lot of people on the internet attempting to do so but even tho they love it, the suit is...
  4. A

    The Amazing Spiderman 2 suit, help and suggestion

    Hi all, i just bought an amazing spiderman 2 suit fabric (not sewed) and i would like to have some suggestion about the entire work i have to do on it, first of all, puff painting. What is better to so first, sewing or puff painting? Puff painting on the fabric is easyer, but doing it on the...
  5. J

    Pensacon 2018

    Hey everyone, I'm fairly new to the RPF. I'm a videographer and cosplayer myself. I went to Pensacon 2018 and saw amazing cosplay and it was truly inspirational! My Youtube Channel is dedicated to spreading the love for conventions and cosplaying! Check out my latest Cosplay Showcase and Music...
  6. AaronAlx11

    Spider-Man Costume: Colored Fabric or Standard White Spandex Print.

    Hey everyone! It's your friendly neighborhood Aaron! I've been thinking on getting a new costume (If the mods had already posted my first thread, you may know what I'm talking about). In fact, I'm doing a TASM2 suit printed on colored fabric. Why? Because of this: On your left, you can see a...
  7. AaronAlx11

    THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN 2: Costume Replica

    Hi everyone. This is my first time here and I would like to present myself first. My name is Aaron and I’m 17 years old. I’m from Peru and I speak officially speak spanish, as it is the main language around here. Anyway, I try to do my best when speaking english, so I hope you guys can...
  8. T

    Peter Parker wardrobe and stuff (sm:hc & tasm)

    I wanted to make a thread for people who like Peter's wardrobe and want to find out where most of his stuff is from or look a likes.I know there are a lot of threads like this already,but they get so full so I just decided to make one of my own.I don't know if this is going to get any replies or...
  9. S

    A transparent tint or film for TASM lenses.

    Hey guys! So I made a post earlier about how I could make some TASM and got really good response. I am now about to start work on the lens frames and such. Here's the thing, I bought a pair of darker tinted sunglasses that are similar of the shape in the film. I was thinking of printing out a...
  10. The Woolrus

    TASM 2 U-shaped zip fitting issues

    Hi all, So today I received my Amazing Spiderman 2 suit from Frontier Costuming and I have some concerns about the fit. As you can see from the photo there is some obvious bulging of the U-shaped zip. There are some other loose areas, such as the end of the seams along the upper thigh. I've...
  11. C

    Want to Buy TASM 1 Peter Parker Backpack and Skateboard

    Mainly looking for the backpack Peter in the film but if I could purchase his skateboard in good condition I would be willing to buy it too!
  12. Z

    Spiderman under arm Web

    Hey guys, this is my first post so I don't really know how this all works, but I brought this Orhadar suit a while ago and have recently decided that I wanted to add the armpit web that is seen in a lot of the older Spiderman comics. I'm doing this cause I want to make my suit a little unique as...
  13. robertvalko

    My first Spidey costume

    I'll tell you now about my TASM2 suit from the beginning :) I found this suit here (Thanks @kenlandrum for free file to edit it by myself), because It's my first suit and I didn't know how to make it, what sizes I need, etc. After I modified the color and the webbing a little bit. After one...
  14. WebsIinger

    Hey Everyone! I need help with TASM 2 Costume

    Hey guys, so I decided to buy a zentai suit. I received the suit a week ago and it fits great, but I realized I really need to puffpaint the webs at least, I checked some threads and websites ppl asking assistance and I've seen people failing at puffpainting the suit. It's my 2nd cosplay so I'm...
  15. A

    Spider-Gwen lens help?

    So I have everything I need except lens frames. What materiel works best? I've tried thin cardboard, plastic and sculpty. I'd rather not use anything you have to form because I wanna have a nice shape to them. Thank you.
  16. E

    Puffy Paint The amazing Spiderman HELP

    Hello everyone! I'm new to cosplaying and creating costumes and I'm suppose to puff paint a Spiderman costume and at one part I smeared the paint which I'll show pictures. (My soul is now dead) I don't know how to remove it! What should I do? Is all hope lost?
  17. P

    Very clueless in looking for some TASM 1 faceshells....

    Hello guys and members of the RPF, this is my first post on the RPF, so pls, be nicely. Sry for my stupid question but I'm new in the RPF: How can I purchase one of MCL34N's ASM 1 faceshell (with lenses, of course). I've been looking all around the forum and found no attempt what to do. Then...
  18. A

    Spiderman Suit Questions (TAMS2/Raimi)

    Hello, I'm from europe, looking to buy a spiderman costume for halloween in my country and then plan to modify it. I would love to have it modified before, but I'm afraid I'll mess it up. Also, I have a little over a month 'till halloween so I don't have much time to work on it. Anyway...
  19. perniciousp

    Want to Buy Mclean TASM1 Faceshell and Lenses

    Hey! Looking for a TASM1 faceshell and lenses. Message me if you have one for sale.
  20. J


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  21. thenextavenger

    Amazing SPiderman 2 suit help

    Im about to start puffy painting my suit, but I can't seem to get the paint to actually puff on my tests. When do you apply the heat to the puffy paint? Sorry, I can't seem to find the answer online. Do I apply it immediately after? let it dry for a few hours? let it dry for 72 hours? Could it...
  22. I

    TASM2 Non-Raimi Patternmaking - Red Parts Only

    Hello everyone, I've been around for a few weeks and have been sort of posting to a minimum. A friend of mine introduced me to an awesome pattern maker program (even obtained me a special license for students) and I was thinking of creating a sewing pattern for the Amazing Spider-Man 2 suit...
  23. AABC1999

    Tjack The Amazing Spider-Man 2 kit Questions

    Hey guys, this is my first thread. I have a two questions for my TASM2 Tjack kit: *What's the best glue for it? for gluing the magnets to the domes and for gluing the domes to the frames. I heard good things about E6000 but i read it has chemicals that can cause cancer so i'm scared to get that...
  24. Pizzareal

    TASM 2 Suit help?

    Hi, i'm posting to see if anyone has come across this problem or if anyone can help me out. I used zentaizone to print kenlandrum's amazing TASM2 suit file (with permission of course), and the suit came in beautifully. Custom measurements were right, everything seemed to fit well and...
  25. jfridley

    Want to Buy The amazing spider-man 1 faceshell and lenses

    I am going to start a project suit here in the coming months. I am looking for a quality TASM1 faceshell and lense set!