Back To The Future Part III


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I am pleased to share this Burgess label I entirely made! I hope you guys will like it n_n


View attachment BURGESS LABEL EMMA.pdf


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I was watching BTTFIII yesterday, with a view to see if I could get any more detailed info on a current project of mine, the railway map.

I have a picture of the map from an auction site, but it's not quite good enough to see all the details.

Anyway I noticed that the one in the movie is different (see below), besides the colour, which could be due to lighting, the main difference is around Shonash Ravine, the Auction Map shows the bridge and a dashed line of the proposed railway, but in the movie the bridge is missing, no dashed line, plus the railway seems to continue near the bottom.

Which version do you think I should do, I'm undecided.

On a related note, does anyone have any close up shots of the map, that could help me out with wording and the inset section at the bottom right.

I'll post progress pictures soon.


Hey Peter, did you ever finished that map in the end? ^^


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Man, 3 years later and still the Doc & Marty photo is missing in my frame... Saw the complete photo/backround/september line on ebay, but wrong size... Anyone have a complete version?!? I need the size of 28,3 x 19,1 cm for my frame...


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Roland, any chance you can reupload the vector files or even a pdf or something for the interior mounting of the Marty & Doc clock picture with the Partners in Time scripting? Thanks!

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