Back To The Future Part III


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Here's my free print outs of the Doc Brown Inventor Photos :cool

Click on Thumbnail for larger view and just print 8x10 and frame :love

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Best thing I can add here is the photo i made a long time ago from a bunch of carefully taken screengrabs and photoshop.


heres an in movie pic of the pic

Its not 100%, theres a crowd in the background, as there WAS in the movie, but .. looks good in an old wooden frame.


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Anyone ever try to get one of these envelopes with the letter from doc?!? I really searched the whole web for it...

It would be great if someday Kurtyboy make the letter/envelope/map set... Still one of my props, what is still far away from perfect...


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BTTF 3 Burgess Battery Label?

This subject came up in the OT.

Has anyone tried to recreate the label for the Burgess battery? These are very rare and are often in bad shape due to being stored in a garage or attic or from damage due to leakage.

A recreated label would be great for a static version for display purposes!

I believe this is a label created for the movie... found on my hard drive. If the owner wants me to remove it, PM me and I'll pull it.

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