Back to the Future Part II


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I'm posting my pattern from the 80s café table as someone asked for it on a sales thread and I don't want to off-topic that thread.
Again, this was very rough and work-in progress, but I think it would work. I drawed as much "black worms" as I could with original screen captures layers below the pattern layer. Then, when I had enough, I copied the pattern, duplicated, and rotated it. Maybe some work is still needed on the places where the 2 sets of patterns are very next one to each other, so the black lines don't overlap, or get too close, or far away.
And also, just repeating again that I don't know how to work with vector images yet (one of these days...), so I made a PSD loseless image, with 300ppp or resolution. I think that'll be enough.

One more thing. For the pattern to be screen-accurate in size, each "black line" has to be around 1,5cm long on average (the longer lines, forget the "dots"). I'm pretty confident that I made the measures right, and 1,5cm long (again, on average) is accurate enough. (maybe 1.2 or 1.3cm...but close to that)

Here is my pattern:
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Still one of my most wanted props... Of course, just a simple paper prop, but the US size format, the letter envelope, the map and schematic plans makes it very hard for just a simple printing job...


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Wow, such controversey! :)

Yes I made the bat and the check.

The checks are not so easy to make and even harder to ship. They are HUGE! I printed it out and applied it to a foamcore board. Here is an old pic of me holding the check like Biff does:

Hi Jedifyfe, sorry to bother you but I would love to get one of the biff checks printed out full size, is there any chance you would e-mail me the file/pic/PDF I won't pass on the file, and only use it for myself:) thank and great job :)


Anyone has the "Tales from space" comic cover in great quality ?

I was planning to redraw it using illustrator and print it poster size but the one I have is really small and pixellized.


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