AT-ST by Bandai


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Here goes another one

Such a brilliant model, so I thought I'd show my build-up

This went together like a dream,.....only thing I modified was the guards (unprimed) which are thinned down....they look too thick

The legs, I made more articulate as Unreality demonstrated,12128.msg185211.html#msg185211

Brilliant job.....I left out the ankle tendon thing completely as it looks wrong & I'm replacing it with styrene:

You can see that the bump in the rod thing should end up lining up with the end of the leg that it originates with:

The removal of this part (I didn't want to destroy it) leaves an empty space at the ankle, so i put in a small wheel from my spares box:




This new tendon bar just slides in (I'm gonna make a new one as I kinked this one whilst sanding):


I also chopped off the head & forearms of one of the drivers to try and make him look more natural:

The sides of the face of the AT-ST looks a bit too angular (spotted by MonsieurTox)
so I sanded a bit of a curve to the sides:

Thanks for looking


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Nice job so far !

Be careful, you have posted ref pics of the ROTJ pyro AT-ST which is a whole different bird :)
The Bandai AT-ST was modeled after the two small go-motion AT-ST.
What you called the tendon is screwed to the wheel and that's the top of the tendon strip that slides between the back of the leg and the rod thing.

Same with the head sides, as weird as it is the pyro and go mo models have opposite curves !! I mean you recreated the convex sides of the pyro while the go mo sides are concave... And the TESB ATST head sides are straight ! Those guys were funny ! :)

keep up the good work, this is a great kit !!


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Thanks Julien,....I knew you'd keep me right

Theres so many differences in the models......UGHHHHH!!!!

I'll just keep going,... I have quite a few good reference pics of the pyro I guess

I just hope that there isn't others who have unnecessarily chopped bits off now thinking this is the way to go



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I guess if you are recreating a ROTJ AT-ST that's not a big problem, you can do a mix of all the version (the 1:1 is different too haha).
But the pyro and the gomo (the bandai one) are very different in term of shape, proportions and details so what you may think to be wrong on the bandai kit may be actually right because you're not looking at the correct ref.
You'll find the best public ref of the go mo AT-ST here :


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Nice build and photos.
I have just finished modding the chassis on mine, making the mid section lower. Its quite an easy fix if you build another one.

I could do with some sort of detailed computer generated images of some walking poses though.



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Thanks Keith.....I'm thinking on making this one with an optional extra

Looking at Joe Johnston's concept art for the AT-ST's,....I like the similar style to the AT-AT's cockpit window

I was thinking on making these 'winter googles' removable....the same way the hatches on the Bandai clip on/off




This is a rough mock-up with styrene-card:


Thanks for looking


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Any thoughts on the size of the 'toe spikes'? I compared the Bandai to the old AMT AT-ST and the 'foot plate' is almost the same size but the toe spike on the AMT kit is much larger (by at least another third.) Regards, Robert


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Thanks guys, mod I'm gonna attempt is to get the tilt on the legs,.....I want to display the AT-ST mid stride



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...some more mods

Although the Chicken has adjustable legs theres still a motion that the stop motion puppet had that the model doesn't do:

Theres also a bit of chat over on Starship modeller with Blake1 showing how it all works on the foot:

& I found this image on how an upper limb rotates:

Then the expert MonsieurTox (Julien) helped with images of his studio scale AT-ST:



.....So I got-a-cuttin:


I used spare poly parts from my Bandai Stormtrooper to make the joints
Still waiting for the filler to harden,...then tidy it up

This is the parts cleaned up & assembled again.....just done one leg at the minute




Thanks for looking
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