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Discussion in 'General Modeling' started by Scapey, May 14, 2012.

  1. Scapey

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    Is there anyone here who can take a plastic/epoxy sculpture and copy it once, in metal?
    I'm looking to make a little Oscar-style award ( But, before anyone jumps on me... NOT actually shaped anything like one! ).

    If you can help, please PM me for info... Trynna keep this on the downlow as much as I can in case the recipient gets wind of it!

  2. trooper

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    you might try megatron / curtis here on the board, he does mostly rings and stuff, i dont know how large of a piece he can do, if he cant hell know some one who can :)
  3. Pro Mod

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    What style is the figure?
    We occasionally use an aluminium filled epoxy for making vac forming tools,
    which is heavy and polishes up to a dull steel like colour.

    I've just polished the corner an old tool so you can see what it looks like.
    The other photographs show it in its raw state and slightly polished with wire wool.

    Unlike metal, if you knock it off a high shelf onto a concrete floor it may break - hence the damaged corner!
  4. Scapey

    Scapey Sr Member

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    Thanks guys - It's a pretty special award, so I'd really like it to actually BE metal...
    And it's about the size and shape of a 6" action figure.
  5. Fly4v

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    How about a plaster of paris mold and cast it in pewter?

    Just need to make a wax copy of your epoxy figure.
    Form the plaster around the wax figure including a pour hole or holes depending on shape.
    Melt the wax from the plaster mold.
    Bake the mold in a oven.
    Then pour in the melted pewter.
    Remove the plaster and there is your figure.

    IMPORTANT: If you don't bake the plaster mold... the hot pewter will turn any remaining water in the plaster to steam and your mold may EXPLODE! but it will at least spray hot pewter all over you. IMPORTANT
  6. Kris Lyssara

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    The problem with pewter is that you can't polish it, and it's VERY soft.... as in "I can bend cast pewter with my thumb and two fingers" soft.

    I really wish I could help you, Scapey. I used to do metal casting, but I don't have any of the equipment or access to it right now. However, depending on when you need it by, I may be able to find someone who can help you.
  7. Mike J.

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    What about using another metal? Like bismuth or tin or silver solder?

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